Take it With a Grain Of Salt, But…

A Philadelphia Phillies scout has reported that Bobby Abreu (RF), Jason Michaels (CF), and Robinson Tejeda/Gavin Floyd (both SP) will be traded to the Red Sox for Manny Ramirez, Matt Clement, Kelly Shoppach/Andy Marte/Kevin Youkilis.
“This is basically a done deal with some minor issues to iron out. I would anticipate a press conference later this week.”
What this scout has going for him is that he called the Placido Polanco, Billy Wagner, Cory Lidle, and Eric Milton trades days ahead of time, in addition to the Jon Lieber signing, so we shall see…
(Also please note that there have been rumblings of us spinning Bobby Abreu to Baltimore for Miguel Tejada.)
Personally, I don’t think there’s any chance of this happening, but it was out there and it’s a slow Sox time, thus let’s play rumor mill!

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