Why Can’t the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Move Gerald McCoy?

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are trying to get value for Gerald McCoy, but it’s not working.

About a month ago, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a tough decision to make. They were at a crossroads. It was expected that the team was going to get rid of their veteran defensive tackle, Gerald McCoy. Then, their new head coach Bruce Arians put a stop to those rumors. McCoy wasn’t going to get cut. But he still might not end up playing for the Buccaneers in 2019.

At this point, McCoy is not showing up for offseason workouts, and the Buccaneers are placing him on the trade block. Had this happened earlier in the season before Free Agency opened up, the Bucs probably would’ve found a few reasonable offers on the table. After the first few waves of signings went through at the opening of the new year though, nobody seems really all that interested in the veteran lineman.

McCoy on the move?

Although the offseason workouts are voluntary, most players typically show up. You would think that since the Buccaneers have a fresh coaching staff, most of their players would be in attendance. Especially McCoy, who has been one of the most prominent leaders on the team. That wasn’t the case though. McCoy was visibly absent, and there wasn’t really an explanation for his decision to not show up.

Does he know something we don’t? Probably not. As the Buccaneers are sitting by the phone waiting for the offers to come in, McCoy is probably doing the same. Since the Bucs are on the hook for $13 million this season thanks to McCoy’s deal, it’s probably in their best interest to move on.

Seeing how expensive the six-sack player is though, it’s hard to sell McCoy as is. The Bucs will probably wait it out, as there isn’t a guaranteed deadline for his $13 million, but the chances of him getting cut at this point are higher than his chances of getting moved via trade.

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