Tampa Bay Lightning Cut Twelve

The Tampa Bay Lightning have reduced their training camp roster by 12 today.

Below is a list of players who have been assigned:

Name Acquired Assigned To
CIRELLI, Anthony ’15 Draft (3rd Rd) Syracuse (AHL)
ERNE, Adam ’13 Draft (2nd Rd) Syracuse (AHL)
HOWDEN, Brett ’16 Draft (1st Rd) Moose Jaw (WHL)
JOSEPH, Mathieu ’15 Draft (4th Rd) Syracuse (AHL)
McGINN, Tye FA (7/21/15) Syracuse (AHL)
PECA, Matthew ’11 Draft (7th Rd) Syracuse (AHL)
STEPHENS, Mitchell ’15 Draft (2nd Rd) Syracuse (AHL)
YAN, Dennis ’15 Draft (3rd Rd) Syracuse (AHL)
Name Acquired Assigned To
CERNAK, Erik Trade w/LA (2/26/17) Syracuse (AHL)
McBAIN, Jamie FA (7/1/17) Syracuse (AHL)
THOMAS, Ben ’14 Draft (4th Rd) Syracuse (AHL)
WALCOTT, Daniel Trade w/NYR (9/17/15) Syracuse (AHL)

30 players remain in their 2017 Training Camp.

Feature Photo/ Christine Gunn)

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