Tampa Bay Rays Win Total Lower Than It Was Last Season – Best MLB Future Bet

MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays

With the 2022 MLB season starting in less than two weeks, it’s time to start thinking about teams you should put money on for total wins. Total wins are a tough bet to put money on, but some teams have totals that should be much higher and offer a great chance for bettors to make money. The Tampa Bay Rays are a difficult team to predict, but below, we’ll take a look at their win total and what they can offer bettors.

Tampa Bay Rays | Win Total

Oftentimes, baseball fans can find the best value by betting on win total odds before the start of the season.

Below, we’ll break down the win totals in the AL East as a whole from BetOnline, one of the most reputable MLB betting sites.

Teams Win Totals AL East BetOnline Free Play
NY Yankees 92,5 BetOnline logo
Toronto Blue Jays 91.5 BetOnline logo
Tampa Bay Rays 89.5 BetOnline logo
Boston Red Sox 85.5 BetOnline logo
Baltimore Orioles 61.5 BetOnline logo

2022 AL East Win Total Favorites – New York Yankees

Although this might sound like a surprise to some, the New York Yankees are going to be coming in with the highest win total for the American League East this year according to BetOnline. The Yankees need to win 93 games for bettors to profit.  Considering that the Yankees didn’t make the type of moves that people were hoping for during the offseason, bettors can definitely view this as a surprise.

Tampa Bay Rays Win Total | Best Rays Win Total Bets

The Tampa Bay Rays will enter the 2022 season needing the third-most wins in the AL East for bettors to profit.

Tampa Bay will need to win at least 90 games in order to reach the profit mark. Given that this team won 100 games last season, it appears likely that Tampa Bay will be able to achieve the 90-game win mark with relative ease.

We must consider that the AL East has improved greatly this season as a result of some of the additions made by a few teams, making it more difficult, but they should still be able to reach 90 wins.

The Rays are a fascinating club to watch. They don’t have a star-studded lineup by any means, but they do have Wander Franco, Randy Arozarena, Tyler Glasnow, Brandon Lowe, Josh Lowe, and a few other high-level players on the roster. Despite not having some of the stars that other AL East teams have, Tampa Bay is one of those teams that just goes out and does their job.

Personally, I believe that Tampa Bay will be the best bet in terms of win totals for the MLB season if they only have to win 90 games.

Tampa Bay has demonstrated over the last few years that they can get the job done no matter what they’re up against. They resemble the Oakland Athletics in ways, but they compete at a higher level.

The Tampa Bay Rays would be the first team that I would consider betting on in terms of MLB win totals this season.

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