tBBC Awards: Maryland Turtle Soup

The weekly awards from us here at tBBC have become a little easier to choose of late, here’s to that continuing!



tOSU Offensive MVP

Scott – Curtis Samuel. He’s a legit Heisman candidate.

Chris – I thought about this one quite a bit. My knee-jerk reaction was Curtis Samuel. He had three touchdowns with 38 rushing yards and 74 receiving yards. After a few minutes of pondering (speaking of pondering, how attractive did Samantha Ponder look on Game Day?), I came to the conclusion that the ball didn’t just fly to him. Joe Thomas Barrett had a really good game with over 300 yards of offense and four touchdowns. I’m going with Joe Thomas Barrett.

Jeremy – I’m gonna have to go the Curtis Samuel route. Almost every time he touches the ball you think he’s gonna score. And if his speed and hands aren’t impressive enough he’s now become a really good blocker.

Ryan – Joseph Thomas Barrett.  2 passing touchdowns, 2 throwing touchdowns.  300 yards of offense.  He’s definitely shown growth and comfortability in his passing game since the Penn State game.  

Brad TBU – Curtis Samuel 3 touchdowns in his 1st 9 touches. JT Accounting for 4 more TDs. The entire O-line deserves the recognition in my humble opinion.

WVa – How appropriate would it be if JT and Curtis Samuel share this again this week after pretty much duplicating their work from the Nebraska affair? Not very in my eyes because I think JT is doing what JT does and Curtis Samuel has been the difference maker since the PSU loss. He is a legitimate Heisman candidate and really has been all season and just not getting his touches. Truth be told? He is one of the hottest all-purpose players in the country and I cannot wait for the punt return for TD against you know who to stick the dagger where it belongs.

Curtis Samuel won it fair and square, no vote tampering here. 🙂

tOSU Pat Elflein Award

Scott – Pat Elflein. Continues to keep a young group steady.

Chris – It’s really tough to pick one guy out for this. I want to just throw out and Elflein and be okay with it but I don’t think I can this week. The line looked real good against Maryland. It’s like they decided after the Nebraska game that dominating a game felt really neat and they would try it again. All five starters should share it this week.

Jeremy – I would say everyone but I’m going with our young tackles Jones and Prince. Often the subject of our criticism early on they’ve really stepped up to provide JT with better protection. Coach Stud is obviously getting thru to them and coaching them up. I was actually disappointed w Elflein. Can someone explain why when he’s helping on blocks it’s always Billy Price he seems to be giving help to?

Ryan – Agreeing with Chris.  The entire line deserves this award.  They dominated Maryland, and should have high confidence going into East Lansing.

Brad TBU – Again let’s just rename this the Pat Elflien Award. The entire line played extremely well as a group & should been named Offensive MVP.

WVa – Ask fellas and thou shall receive! The award is thus renamed and I kinda find it hilarious that in other communication venues that we all have some people wasn’t going to hand it to him because of two “little” mistakes. I really found it interesting how much Billy Price is paying for Pat Elflein’s success. There were several instances early in the game where he was getting bum rushed because Maryland knew Elflein was a waste of time.

And thus it shall be decreed, the Pat Elflein award now and forever.

tOSU Offensive Unsung

Scott – J.T. Barrett. Never thought I would mention him here but he had a great day running the offense.

Chris – This one is easy for me, Mike Weber Jr. He didn’t score but had 93 yards rushing and BLOCKING, BLOCKING, BLOCKING.

Jeremy – this week there are many great choices. But I’m going to go with KJ Hill. I love this kids hands. And he has the speed to get separation.

Ryan – KJ Hill.  5 receptions for 62 yards.  They featured him more, which I had hoped they would, and he didn’t disappoint.  He’s a legit downfield threat to catch the ball, and I have a feeling he’s going to be stepping up big time in the near future.

Brad TBU – Mikey Weber just continues to deliver Motor City Beatdowns on a regular basis

WVa –  I had an epiphany( an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure from Merriam-Webster) during the game on Saturday as I watched JT Barrett and Curtis Samuel wreck the Maryland defenses day. The one thing that was always truly missing in Urban Meyer coached offenses that would have made Harvin or earlier versions better is a running back that is a true threat everytime he touches the ball. I don’t mean that there weren’t good backs in those systems but consistently there was a Harvin type and a dual threat QB, and never a thousand yard rusher. Flash-forward to his Buckeyes of late and it’s easy to see that Mike Weber Jr. is the unsung hero of this offense. The hard working kid from Detroit will only need 65 yards this Saturday against Sparty to do it.

Mike Weber Jr. will have the most unheralded thousand yard season in Ohio State history


tOSU D-line MVP

Scott – Tyquan Lewis. He’s a stud.

Chris – Another easy one… Tyquan Lewis is a GROWN-ASS MAN. I bet I Tweet that at least once a week during games. His mom follows me on Twitter and she always ‘Likes’ it and that always makes me smile. He really did have a monster game. That’s to be expected against a team like Maryland but two tackles for loss to go with a sack and 4 tackles is nothing to scoff at in less than three quarters.

Jeremy – Tyquan Lewis hands down. He created havoc along the line all night. He even atoned for his missed sack. The captain of the DL has stepped up his game the past couple weeks and is his hitting his stride in November. This will help the rest of the line get freed up.

Ryan – Going with the flow here and saying Tyquan.  1 sack, 2 tackles for loss.  He’s as disruptive in the backfield as anyone on the line.  He is a monster, and I’d seriously hate to have him running towards me.  Whoa, the nightmares.

Brad TBU – Tyquan is a straight up Beast. Hubbard is not bad either.

WVa – Tyquan Lewis can probably man the unsung for the entire season as well as this award for this week. He is having one of the more consistent seasons of late and is getting more business than normal because of teams wanting to avoid Sam Hubbard.

Tyquan Lewis takes this one to the house!

tOSU Defensive Unsung

Scott – Marshon Lattimore. Didn’t have a ton of work to do but was impressive in a supporting role.

Chris – Since there doesn’t seem to be an overall Defensive MVP this week, *AHEM*, I’ll put Raekwon McMillan in for this. 10 tackles, two TFL, a sack, and a forced fumble. Keep being unsung, young man.

Jeremy – While Tyquan may be the DL captain the guy who leads our defense has likewise become the force we are accustomed to seeing from him since he’s been in Columbus. Raekwon McMillan had his best game of the year last night. He was everywhere on the field.

Ryan – Raekwon continues to shine, which is great to see now, when earlier in the season he seemed to have disappeared.  He’s back.  He’s all over the field.  He’s scary.

Brad TBU – The Corners turned the Terrapins into a 1 trick Pony . led by Mr Lattimore.

WVa – hmmmm, I evidently left out the MVP for this week some how, daggone copy and paste! I think this week I am going with Gareon Conley. Teams continue to go away from him and continue to pay for it. Hard to believe that 3/4th’s of this secondary will be gone next year.

Marshon and Raekwon shine and share this award this week.

Odds and Ends

tOSU Special Teams MVP

Scott – Cam Johnston. Showed no ill effects from a week off. Snicker.

Chris – This is usually a three horse race for me: Liam McCullough, Cameron Johnston, and Tyler Durbin. All three were excellent today but I’ll give the nod to the Aussie kid for remembering how to kick after Nebraska was too scared to let him punt.

Jeremy – Tyler Durbin! I mean we had no clue who he was or what we could expect from him but he hasn’t disappointed at all!

Ryan – Durbin made a career long field goal.  He’s a long, long, 10 game career kicking field goals.

Brad TBU – Paris Campbell had very nice kickoff Return to start the 1st  half.

WVa – The Durbinator was sent to the past from the . . , I had to try it on for size. He has been pretty reliable for someone who never kicked before!

Tyler Durbin wins this one in a close race.

tOSU Needs Improvement

Scott – Kickoff distance and coverage.

Chris – Seriously? Pick something here after the second of  back-to-back 62-3 games? Uhhhhhhhh….. How about penalties? I would like to see less penalties. Six penalties for 55 yards isn’t awful but I have to pick something or I’ll probably get fired after missing last week.

Jeremy – ok fine I’ll be negative Nellie. We have got to continue to work on JT’s accuracy. Too many passes were thrown behind open receivers and took away potentially huge pickups. His deep passes are still an adventure. Let’s be honest how many of us thought his throw to Curtis was gonna go thru the end zone?

And our safeties seem to struggle in coverage last night. Webb was seen chasing his guy after the catch. Hooker had the big “what were you doing” moment last night giving up the long completion.

Ryan – Uh, yeah, I got nothing.  Keep the foot on the gas pedal and don’t let up against the 3 win Spartans team.

Brad TBU – other than having to kick 2 field goals instead of Touchdowns. There isn’t a helluva lot to complain about with back to back 62 -3 wins.

WVa – Ten units strong for two Saturdays in a row leaves me a little speechless here considering all that we had to discuss for the two weeks prior. Sometimes, a team just needs a wake-up call. Here’s hoping they get a little help over the next two weeks.

A few tid-bits but the best is Scott’s

tOSU Next Big Star

Scott – Bin Victor.

Chris – I really like what I see from K.J. Hill. Now, I would normally call him by his full name when he plays well but I can’t seem to find that information and I don’t want to assume it is Kenneth James or Kevin Joseph or Killing Jamboree.

Jeremy – Bin Victor. We saw a glimpse of what the future holds. Like KJ is seeing his opportunities grow I think it’s time to unleash Victor on Sparty and TTUN.

Ryan – Bin Victor.  This kid is going to be ridiculously great.  He had his first of many, many touchdowns against Maryland.

Brad TBU –KJ Hill kids becoming a major asset to JT.

WVa – It was one play in trash time but it was key in showing everyone a glimpse of the near future. We have been hearing that Binjimen Victor has been pressing in practice and may get a chance to show what he has been doing as a true freshman. Saturday showed us that he may indeed get that chance with the competition that’s on the horizon.

Bin Victor locks it dwon this week.

TB1G Coach of the Week

Scott – Pat Fitzgerald. Has rallied his team since the disappointing loss at OSU.

Chris – The perpetual B1G Coach of the Year, Kirk Ferentz. Iowa played how they should have been playing all season.

Jeremy – Chris Ash for giving Penn St the illusion that they have a cakewalk coming up Saturday. Lull them to sleep Chris let them look past you then unleash them Jersey boys on them and take them out (hey let me have my dream)

Ryan – Kirk Ferentz.  He pretty much wrapped up another contract extension and another B1G Coach of the Year award with his win again TTUN.

Brad TBU – With all due apologies to James Franklin. For calling him former TUN QB Dennis Franklin. But with 6 B1G wins in a row gets it again this week but beware of Piscataway in the moonlight maybe your downfall.

WVa – Ferentz always has something up his sleeve. If I were a fan of Iowa, I would be a little disappointed in how the season has gone. Or is it reality that TTUN should also be a 6 and 4 team.

Ferentz walks away with it

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