tBBC Fans Interact: Nebraska Cornhuskers; Dave, Buckeye Gal and Tim

Welcome to this weeks edition of Fans Interact after the blow-out at home against the shucked Huskers. This weeks guests have some good questions to answer.They are following up a couple weeks of a loss and close calls. Let’s introduce you to Dave, Buckeye Gal and Tim and see what they have to say!

What surprised you the most about how the offense played Saturday night? What changed in your opinion?

Dave – Their confidence. They haven’t had much lately, in my opinion.  They were aggressive too.  Maybe I wasn’t surprised as much as I was waiting for it to happen.  

The just looked like the well oiled machine they were in Norman, Oklahoma.  

This offense will be hard to stop.

My opinion was most changed by the downfield throws, I liked it and I think it opened up the run.

Buckeye Gal – Confidence! Definitely confidence was a big attribute to their success. Getting the ball in Samuel’s hand when they needed a big play provided the spark that set the offense on fire. Starting field position was also a big factor.  Having good field position allowed them to open up the playbook more and take more downfield shots. At times I feel like when they are in the shadow of their own goal posts, the fear of turning the ball over makes the offensive coordinators butt pucker. Also when JT was able to get the deep ball down field players stepped up and you could instantly see his confidence rise.  

Tim – The most surprising thing to me was the play of the offensive line. The past 2 weeks the line looked completely out of sorts, then Saturday they dominated. They gave up no sacks and very little qb pressures which allowed JT make his reads and then try to stretch the field some. Another surprising thing to me is the number of different receivers that got extended playing time. It appeared to me that the coaching staff was trying to find a receiver besides Samuel or Noah Brown who was going to make plays.

The Silver Bullets left it all on the field and almost shutout one of the best offenses in the country. What were they doing differently than the previous weeks?

Dave – I don’t think they did anything different.  They played better because the offense played better.  They weren’t on the field as much.  They didn’t try to do too much.  They did their job and let the other 10 guys do their jobs.  When we can pressure the QB with four down lineman only, the secondary will be nearly unstoppable.

Buckeye Gal – The front seven stood strong against the run which they hadn’t done as much recently. The defensive backs stuck to the receivers like glue.  They seemed to go back to the basics of football and tackling. They were extremely confident. All in all the game was about confidence something this young squad needed. The offense also assisted them by maintain ball control allowing them to rest and strategize for the next series.

Tim –  I didnt see many schematic changes in the defense, the difference is  they just executed better this week. The defense initially gave up big chunks of yards on Nebraska’s first drive  which only resulted in 3 points but Nebraska earned over a third of their total yardage for the game on that drive. After the defense settled in the defensive line started getting pressure on Armstrong making him hurry his throws. As the offense started to roll it made the defenses job a little easier by making Nebraska have to pass to try to get back into the game. One thing that stuck out out to me with the defense was eliminating the missed tackles that plagued them for the past 2 or 3 games.

JT Barrett has been getting all the Heisman hype. Tell us why you think it should be Curtis Samuel? Or sell us on JT.

Dave – I cannot make a legitimate case for either.  I love both of them and I am super glad they are on my team, but JT has been too inconsistent and Samuel doesn’t touch the ball enough.  I think that Lamar Jackson has the trophy all sewn up.  Sorry to be a drag.

Buckeye Gal –  Curtis averages a first down almost every time he touches the ball. Curtis like JT has become the master escape artist. When they should be brought down they keep their legs churning and pumping until they get the necessary yardage. They are both great players either one could be a heisman candidate unfortunately I feel their peak is hitting too late in the season due to play calling. I would like to see Curtis on punt returns and kick offs I think then his numbers would skyrocket and we could all quit holding our breath. I do believe Lamar Jackson wrapped up die to his numbers and I am content with that considering over the last few years I feel the heisman has become a curse for the recipient in the NFL.

Tim –  If I could only vote for one of the two Buckeyes I would vote for Samuel. He has a legitimate shot at having 1000 rushing and 1000 receiving yards in the same the season, something that Im not sure has ever been done in D1 football before.. JT has been good but not great this year, his passing has been very inconsistent and he has been indecisive on his reads. I personally believe Lamar Jackson will win the Heisman , he stats are otherworldly this season.

Bonus 1) What are your thoughts around how the stadium reacted when Tommy Armstrong went down?

Dave – I was super impressed.  It shows compassion.  It’s what intercollegiate sports are all about.  I was proud to be a Buckeye. I got choked up when everyone was chanting “Tommy, Tommy”.  I was even prouder with their reaction after he returned to the stadium.  Very classy.  Sometimes we as Buckeye Nation are not so classy.  This time was it a great moment.  

Buckeye Gal – Classy and respectful to the gladiators in the arena. We all want our team to win but never at the expense of an injury to them or someone else. It was emotional to hear the chants of “Tommy” and the ovation they gave him when he returned showed the compassion that our fans have. It is a game but these are young men who have a full life ahead of them and you want to see them live it to the fullest. Buckeye Nation standing in support of him and his team showed that safety is more important than a game. And surprisingly it brought Buckeyes and Huskers together even if only for a moment in time.

Tim – I was very impressed that the student section started the Tommy chant! You could tell that it really touched Tommy’s dad who started looking all around the stadium when the chant started then gave the crowd the thumbs up. The cherry on top was when Armstrong came back into the stadium the fans erupted. It showed that though we really want our team to win , we can also be compassionate fans as well.  I thought it was classy of the fans and it was also classy of Tommy Armstrong to tweet out thanks to tOSU hospital and to the Buckeye fans.

Bonus 2) What are you predictions for the Maryland game this week?

Dave – Buckeye 70 Terrapins 0

Buckeye Gal – Buckeyes 59 Terrapins 13

As long as the confidence and momentum stays.

Tim – Buckeyes 56 Terrapins 7

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