tBBC Fiesta Bowl Match-Ups: Diana Witherwax; OSU D-Line versus Clemson O-Line


We welcome Diana Witherwax to the fold and enjoy her match-up breakdown of the OSU defensive front against the Clemson O-line in the Fiesta Bowl. Diana is a part of a pretty clear presence of four ladies on twitter and they refer to themselves as the BSU! Later today we will see the final match-up articles from Lindsay.

Diana is in the upper right hand corner, give her a follow on twitter @Diana_Sue
Diana is in the upper right hand corner, give her a follow on twitter @Diana_Sue

OSU Defensive Line(season)

The Silver Bullets as a group have been nothing short of excellent this year.  They are the #3 scoring defense in the country giving up 14.1 points per game. They also are only giving up a total of 282.4 yards per game and 117.9 of those yards on the ground. The defensive line has been a huge part of this success. Starting with the junior Tyquan Lewis (7.5 sacks), sophomore Sam Hubbard (3 sacks), and junior Jalyn Holmes (2 sacks) the d-line is lead by some experienced and talented gentlemen. Add in the freshman contributions of Nick “Baby Bear” Bosa (5 sacks) and Dre’mont Jones and you have the recipe for the heart and soul of one of the best defenses in the country.

Clemson Offensive Line(season)

The Clemson offense is considered by many to be one of the best in the nation. This is backed by the fact that they average a whopping 40.2 points per game. They also gain a total of 505 yards per game while rushing for 172.8 yards per game. As a unit, they have only given up 14 sacks so far this season. That starts with their senior center captain Jay Guillermo (310 lbs) who has started 14 games for the Tigers and has become an important resource to Deshaun Watson in games. Add in sophomore Taylor Hearn (325 lbs) and junior Tyrone Crowder (340 lbs) and this explains the success that the Tigers have had in protecting Deshaun Watson to this point in the season.

The Match-up

These two units are similar in their importance to their respective teams. The Tigers offensive line has been the key to Deshaun Watson’s success. He is a great talent, but without the offensive line’s consistent protection, he wouldn’t be putting up the same numbers.

There is a reason that the Silver Bullets have one of the best pass defenses in the country.  It’s simple… The do it all defensive line lead by Tyquan Lewis. Without the constant pressure on the quarterbacks it wouldn’t allow our extremely talented defensive backfield to make plays. #NoFlyZone

I really feel like the key to this game will be the direct match-up of the Tigers O-Line vs. The Silver Bullets D-Line. If Jalyn Holmes and company cannot contain and get pressure on Watson, it will make stopping this passing game that much more difficult . Dre’Mont Jones and Michael Hill will be vital in pushing the middle of the pocket to force Watson into oncoming Silver Bullets. He has a tendency to turn the ball over…

Clemson will no doubt try to slow down the pace of the Buckeye pass rush by any means necessary. They have to keep our pash rushers off balance. In order to accomplish this, I feel like the Tigers will come out and try to establish the run game.  This will be the key to their success if they are to stay in the game.

Predicted Results

Not only will the Buckeyes win the Semi Final showdown in Glendale, the Silver Bullets will decide it. Tyquan Lewis will have 2 sacks against Deshaun Watson. The Heisman Semifinalist will be running for his life all night long.

38-21 ON TO TAMPA!!!!!

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