Team RESPECT: Offense

With the bye week this week, we decided to do something a little different here at the blog. 

In the build-up to the Ravens game, we saw a lot of accolades flying around for a lot of players on the Ravens team. Not that this was a problem for us, there are guys on the team we respect; namely Anquan Boldin. But that got us thinking: what players around the league are most respected and most hated by Steelers fans? A natural progression of that was to wonder which players were the most hated.

So we reached out on Twitter, Facebook, and on the blog to collect “rosters” for both Team Hate and Team Respect. We’ll be unveiling the teams over the next few days.

The only rule for the rosters was that they could not include any current or former Steelers, which meant players like Alan Faneca, Joey Porter, Chris Hope, and Nate Washington (amongst others) were out of contention.

In addition to our roster, we had 6 people submit rosters for the project, so a shout-out of thanks to: Anthony (@pinkfrizzy), Mike (@killam1ke), James (Black and Gold World), Cotter (One For the Other Thumb @OFTOT), Cory (Three Rivers Burgh Blog, @ThreeRiversBlog) John H, and Ian’s Dad. 

We allowed everyone to vote for 1 player per starting position and include 5 “Honorable Mentions” on their roster. A “Starting” vote was worth 1 point, and Honorable Mention worth a half a point. The players with the most points officially made the roster.

Today, we announce the Offensive lineup for TEAM RESPECT.

Team RESPECT: Offense
Aaron Rodgers (3 votes)
Others Receiving Votes:
Drew Brees (2)
Tom Brady (2)
Matt Schaub (1)
Peyton Manning (1)
Michael Vick (0.5)
Running Back
Team RESPECT: Offense
Adrian Peterson (5 votes)
Others Receiving Votes:
Maurice Jones-Drew (3)
Thomas Jones (1)
Jamaal Charles (1)
Cadillac Williams (1)
Clinton Portis (1)
LaDanian Tomlinson (1)
Ricky Williams (0.5)
Jahvid Best (0.5)
Chris Johnson (0.5)
LeSean McCoy (0.5)
Team RESPECT: Offense
Le’Ron McClain (2 votes)
Others Receiving Votes:
Tony Richardson (1)
Greg Jones (1)
Owen Schmitt (1)
Lorenzo Neal (1)
3rd Down Back
Team RESPECT: Offense
Kevin Faulk (2 votes)
Others Receiving Votes:
Darren Sproles (1)
Leon Washington (0.5)
Wide Receivers
Team RESPECT: Offense
Larry Fitzgerald (5 votes)
Team RESPECT: Offense
Andre Johnson (2 votes)
Others Receiving Votes:
Miles Austin (1)
Calvin Johnson (1)
Brandon Marshall (1)
Santana Moss (1)
Donald Driver (1)
Marques Colston (1)
Anquan Boldin (1)
Donald Driver (1)
Reggie Wayne (1)
Steve Smith (Carolina) (0.5)
Slot Receiver/#3 Receiver
Team RESPECT: Offense
Wes Welker (5 votes)
Others Receiving Votes:
Joshua Cribbs (1)
Austin Collie (1)
Steve Breaston (1)
Lance Moore (1)
Tight End
Team RESPECT: Offense
Jason Witten (4 votes)
Others Receiving Votes:
Tony Gonzalez (1.5)
Dallas Clark (1.5)
Zach Miller (1)
Greg Olsen (1)
Antonio Gates (0.5)
Team RESPECT: Offense
Jake Long (3 votes)
Team RESPECT: Offense
Ryan Clady (2 votes)
Others Receiving Votes:
Michael Oher (2)
Joe Thomas (2)
Team RESPECT: Offense
Steve Hutchinson (4 votes)
Team RESPECT: Offense
Brian Waters (2.5 votes)
Others Receiving Votes:
Robert Gallery (1 vote)
Jahri Evans (1 vote)
Dan Connolly (1 vote)
Team RESPECT: Offense
Jeff Saturday (4 votes)
Others Receiving Votes:
Nick Mangold (1)
Jeff Faine (0.5)
Team RESPECT: Offense
Mason Crosby (2 votes)
Others Receiving Votes:
Adam Vinatieri (1)
Steven Gostkowski (1)
David Akers (1)
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