Ten Games (Part 1 of 2)

We all have games that we remember in their entirety, like lightning bolts. We have games where we remember a scene, a play, maybe a sound or a feeling. We have games that changed everything, and games that maybe only changed us. This is a list of ten of them. These ten games are my most meaningful, the games that changed how I saw the Red Sox and, occasionally, myself. They run the gamut from the obvious to the obscure, the monumental to the incidental. Together, they tell the story of my life as a Sox fan. from 1987-2004, they’re here in descending order. This article is about numbers 10 through 6. Tomorrow, I’ll post 5 through 1. Hopefully, this will spark some discussion about other games, games that meant as much to you as these did to me.
10.Wednesday, October 5, 1988: Oakland 2 @ Boston 1
I have little to no memory of this game. It is not the earliest that will appear on this list, nor is it the best game to do so. What it is ?

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