Texas A&M QB Max Johnson Hits Transfer Portal, Wants to Take Over From Drake Maye at UNC

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Former Texas A&M quarterback Max Johnson is eyeing a new opportunity at the University of North Carolina (UNC) after entering the college football transfer portal. With UNC’s current star, Drake Maye, likely heading to the NFL, Johnson sees a chance to shine in a program known for nurturing quarterback talent.

Max Johnson Eyeing Up Move to Chapel Hill

Johnson’s move to the transfer portal comes after Jimbo Fisher was fired by the Aggies, and Mike Elko was announced as the new Texas A&M head coach. The move comes after Johnson navigated the challenges of maintaining a starting position at Texas A&M, where he played in eight games for the 2023 season.

His tenure at Texas A&M was marked by stepping up as a starter following Connor Weigman’s season-ending foot injury, though his own season was curtailed due to injuries, preventing him from participating in the last three games

Johnson’s experience, characterized by 30 games in the SEC with LSU and Texas A&M, demonstrates his ability to adapt and perform at high levels. His statistics boast a 60.5% pass completion rate, with 47 touchdowns to just 12 interceptions, alongside five rushing touchdowns

Now, Johnson seeks a move to the UNC Tar Heels, a team known for sending top-tier quarterbacks to the NFL.

UNC QB Pedigree a Factor in Johnson’s Interest

The potential move to UNC is particularly intriguing given the university’s recent history of cultivating successful quarterbacks. With the likes of second overall NFL draft pick Mitch Trubisky, and Washington Commanders QB Sam Howell hailing from Chapel Hill, it is easy to see why Johnson sees North Carolina as an attractive destination.

Add in the fact that current Tar Heels QB Drake Maye is a projected top-2 pick in the next draft, and it’s the cherry on top for the former Aggies QB.

UNC presents an opportunity for quarterbacks seeking to elevate their game. This backdrop, combined with Johnson’s proven skill set, suggests a promising synergy should this transfer materialize.

Johnson’s transition to UNC, however, is not without its challenges. He would be competing with other talented quarterbacks like redshirt freshman Conner Harrell and the incoming Michael Merdinger, highlighting the competitive environment he would be stepping into.

Nonetheless, Johnson’s experience and performance record indicate that he could be a significant asset to the Tar Heels’ quarterback lineup. And UNC fans may sleep a little easier at night knowing some experience could be heading to Chapel Hill.

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