That Awkward Moment When The Season’s Over But You Keep Telling Yourself Maybe It’s Not


We have a really great intern at the office this summer.

She is so efficient and hardworking that you almost want to float the idea of not going back to college. I mean, think about all the money she could earn by just starting a career 9 months early, right?

Then you remember… college, pretty fun… and realize what a horrible person you are for even thinking that.

Today I was getting ready to ask her for some help on a project when a coworker mentioned that her time with us was wrapping up.

“Already?” I asked.

“Headed back to school”, they said.



Summer isn’t over, but fall is closer than I’d like to admit. Friends are asking me about our fantasy football draft date. Back to school commercials are popping up on TV.

One of the most iconic stores in the world is legitimately starting their Christmas season!

The Cardinals?

They continue to wage a death war with .500 that has been going on for – literally – months.

I promise I know.

Much stranger things have happened in baseball than a team overcoming a 5 game deficit over 50ish games. And with so many of those games left against the Brewers and Cubs? They can do this. They totally can.

There’s no other way to say this:


They can’t.

The Cardinals are not a good baseball team. The Cardinals will not be a good baseball team in 2017. I really do wish that I was wrong about this.

But deep down inside, you know it’s the truth.

I’ve come to peace with the situation.

Normally a day game during the work week is a nice treat. Something to have open in a browser tab and check-in on when Danny Mac’s voice climbs the register.


Didn’t even think to log into MLB.TV.

Spoiler alert: they didn’t get back to .500 and won’t have another shot until Saturday at the earliest.


Lots of times we conflate being a ‘good fan’ with being supportive at all times, no matter what. That you can’t be a ‘good fan’ without seeing a season through to the end and only admitting it’s over when it’s truly mathematically over.

I see the attraction to that line of thought.

I just don’t buy it.

The Cardinals are the team I invest time and emotion into because – generally – there’s a good ROI. In my lifetime the Cardinals have been in the playoffs or close to the playoffs more times than they haven’t.

I love them for that.

They, however, have run into a serious bear market.

The team is backsliding into mediocracy and the leadership seems to be as flummoxed as the fans. You’ve probably seen this quote, but it’s worth reading once again:

“I think we were busy. I know we can’t prove that to anyone, but we were busy. We were talking to everybody about everything. We discussed all sorts of options. It is very frustrating to come to the end of the month and not have something to show for the time and effort and to make the organization better.”  

I believe new Cardinals GM Mike Girsch.

The Cardinals most certainly entertained numerous options for trades at the non-waiver deadline earlier this week.

Problem is, nothing happened. Inertia set in. And a team that desperately needed some caffeine grabbed a LaCroix instead of a Diet Coke.

Meanwhile, the Cubs?

It is what it is.


There still will be content posted on this site the remainder of the season. There still will a bunch of stuff to talk about.

But worrying too much about wins and losses the rest of the year?

I’d suggest giving yourself a break.

It’s time to admit that the 2017 season is a lost cause when it comes to the playoffs, even though there’s still – technically – a chance.

The end of summer, though, is closer than you think.

Photo: Time

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