The 17th at Sawgrass

Today begins the Tournament Players Championship, the so-called 5th Major Tournament on the PGA Tour. The signature hole at Sawgrass is the 17 hole, a par 3 island green where many a golfer has come to die. Well, NBC and ESPN are covering the tournament and starting today, there will be a cable cam that will follow the flight of the ball from the tee to the green and even into the water. Michael Hiestand who always has some colorful comments in his columns has the story in this morning’s USA Today.

Johnny Miller will be in the 18th tower for NBC’s coverage with Dan Hicks. Miller is one of the best analysts on television. He’s blunt and he doesn’t hold back. Of course, his comments have alienated many golfers who aren’t used to hearing those type of comments, but Miller doesn’t apologize for them. David Martindale of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has five questions for Miller.

Jerry Lindquist of the Richmond Times-Dispatch has a news and notes column. He mostly writes about the TPC, but he also gives his opinion on the NCAA Tournament as well.

That’s it thus far. More updates when they come available.

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