The Basis of this blog

I tend to email/text my “hockey” friends alot (and i mean alot!) and decided to start a blog so their inboxes werent inundated with crap from me. This way, they can pick and choose what they want to read.

The focus of this blog will be on the Phoenix Coyotes. As they are my favorite team. I think they have a very good future ahead of them, and damn am I excited.

I also discuss my opinions of other goings-on around the nhl, such as trades and signings etc. I like to keep people updated. I spend a lot of time on and getting info and sharing it. I dont think a lot of people will read this, but Im putting it out there anyway. And I know people will disagree with some of what I say, but keep it positive, keep it non-condesending, keep it civil or I will delete it.

The whole name thing comes from one specific Coyote player, Keith Ballard. He likes to put the hip checks out there and it seems other players get pissed when he does it. Some announcers have said that those hipchecks are dirty. Last I checked, hip checks were still legal in the nhl. Ballard has never been called for throwing his hip out there but he has had a few throwdowns because of it. To those players who get mad when hip checked by Ballard, you obviously didn’t do your homework. Get over it. And look out for it next game.

And by the way, I dont use a lot of punctuation. Im sorry, Im a child of IMs and text messages. I only use punctuation when its formal writing. Get over it. 🙂

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