The Beagle from Hell

Bailey is a year old and weights right around 28 pounds. I bought Bailey the day before Easter last year off the Indian reservation. The old Indian has been drinking I thought that I was his boss man when I pulled up to the trailer. Then old man was very nice and was really excited that I was there to buy one of his puppies. Each time I picked up a beagle (mixed with a basset hound) he would tell me some crazy deal about if you buy one dog, you get a chicken for free, or a go-cart for 50 dollars. After about an hour of the Indians yard sale tactics I finally found the dog I was looking for, the runt of the litter. I paid the man 25 dollars and put Bailey in a box in the front seat of my truck. Upon arriving back home from the reservation, my sister Kate pick up bailey to be surprised with a stream of dog pee. That is when I knew that Bailey was going to be a great dog. Now that Bailey is grown up and lives in my garage (because he can get out of any fence, tie up, cage or other type of containment unit for dogs) he has a pretty simple life of barking and starching. He now has a girlfriend that he sees on a regular basis, her name is Carman and she is a Min- Pin. They chase each other around the house and yard for hours before passing out on the couches in the living room. Over all Bailey has been a pretty good dog, but he can still raise a little hell with that howl and his constant attempts to escape the fence.

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