The Biggest Non-story is Finally Coming to an End

After a month of silly bantering and debate, the story of the ball snagged by Doug Mientkiewicz from the 2004 World Series is finally coming to an end. The whole controversy was stupid to begin with and was started by Dan Shaughnessy (see my post “The Biggest Non-story By Far” below).

Shortly after the news that Mientkiewicz was traded to the New York Mets, reported that the ball that he kept after the final out was made in the World Series will be loaned (Mientkiewicz loans the ball to Sox )to the Red Sox for a year.

I hope this puts an end to a non-controversy. It should not have been front page news in Boston and should not have become this wide scale debate.

The fans in Boston can see a ball that doesn’t look at that different from other baseballs used throughout the history of the game and Mientkiewicz can keep it for the rest of his life.

I hope we don’t hear from this story again because this has been very annoying.

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