The Cardinals All-Stars Did Their Part


The 2017 MLB All- Star game has been contested.

It was an eventful one for Cardinals fans.

First, we got treated to a Carlos Martinez clinic. Best batters in the world? He carved them up, NBD:

Start invoking Dizzy Dean’s name and you’ve done something special:

The Cards party had just started, though, because Yadier Molina debuted new catching gear. It was the opposite of muted:

He proceeded to have a hell of 6th inning.

He took a picture of Nelson Cruz and Joe West (the umpire)… ON THE FIELD:

Then in the bottom half of the frame, he hit a home run to tie the game for the NL:

Molina was also standing on 3rd in the bottom of the 9th, poised to score the game winning run for the NL, but Mike Conforto struck out swinging to end the inning.

The only Cub on the team, Wade Davis, took the mound for the NL in the 10th:


And just like that… it was ‘Cano-ver‘, as put it.

A solid game for Cardinals fans.

On to the second half.

Photo: MLB

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