The Danny Tartabull Game

Originally posted on “Is It Sports?” this may be the most dorky fun we had making a post for this site, and unfortunately, it was the last for the old site. I relocated for work a few weeks after this was written, and by the time I got settled in to the new job and location, Ryan had gotten used to writing on the times, and I realized using this blogger site makes a lot more practical sense than geocities. We really enjoyed creating the old site, and I’m really glad we were able to capture all of our old posts here in the archives so they won’t be forgotten.

This originally was going to be a post for the blog, but since it’s 12 pages long on Word, I decided to make it its own post with pictures and stuff. If you have the patience and the same love for barely relevant mid 90’s players as us, you’ll enjoy this – Steve

The Danny Tartabull GameRyan: So, my buddy and eric have been playing this game where we go back and forth with some mediocre 90s baseball players
Steve: oh man that’s like my specialty
Ryan: we call it the Danny Tartabull game
Ryan: I won with a Listasch/Jaha combo
Ryan: then I had to help him with Mickey Tettleton and Dean Palmer
Steve: yeah those guys were….decent
Ryan: not great, but you knew who they were
Steve: how about Shawon Dunston?
Ryan: nice
Ryan: I left him a note at the end of the day that said “Paul Sorrento says hi”
Steve: he was…decent…too
Ryan: I’m thinking him a message tonight saying that Delino Deshields is having a party in honor of Devon White
Ryan: brb
Steve: so many worthless baseball cards I have now…..
Steve: we should come up with a mediocre 90s players all-star team

Ryan: that would be an outstanding post
Steve: yeah
Steve: well right now I’m going to get a haircut, but maybe we can do that later
Ryan: haha… good luck with that
Steve: yeah I have to walk a whole 200 yards or so!
Steve: yeah haircuts are short

Ryan: Mike Greenwell
Steve: ooh that’s a good one Steve: how about Darren Daulton
Ryan: haha… when I came back from lunch I had a note that said that Frank Viola had invited Darren Daulton and I to Jim Leyritz’s house because they were having a surprise party for Allen Trammel
Steve: oh Frank Viola is good too
Steve: how about Tom Candiotti

Ryan: I said I would only go if Lenny Dykstra was there
Ryan: Candy Maldonado
Steve: Geronimo Berrora
Ryan: nice… I was about to go tere… its just berroa, i think
Ryan: Tony Tarasco
Steve: Paul Assenmacher
Ryan: stupendous… David Segui
Steve: the blonde haired one
Steve: Steve Sabo

Ryan: oh wow
Ryan: nice
Ryan: You would be great at this game
Ryan: I’m stealing these names and bringing them in tomorrow
Steve: haha
Steve: yeah I’m trying to think back to old video games and Sox scorecards

Ryan: well, if you want to think of Sox, think of Sax
Steve: oh its Chris Sabo, not Steve
Ryan: I wasnt sure about that one… Chris sounds right
Ryan: how about Wally Joyner
Steve: ooh that’s a good one
Steve: Bret Barbarie

Ryan: oh man
Ryan: Brady Anderson
Steve: original Marlin baby!
Ryan: lol
Steve: Dante Bichette
Ryan: nice!
Ryan: Jay Buhner
Steve: ooh nice Steve: Glenallen Hill
Ryan: wow… wow.. nice
Steve: I’m checking out my Sox games spreadsheet
Ryan: lol
Steve: I still remember his Grand Slam
Ryan: Ruben Sierra would fit if he wasnt still playing
Ryan: surprisingly, so do i
Steve: yeah the bastard Steve: you remember Hill hitting a grand slam against the Sox in 1990?
Ryan: oh.. I remember him hitting one as a cub, i think
Steve: ooh Carlos Baerga
Ryan: yep,yep
Steve: ok that was one messed up game
Steve: Sox beat Cleveland 6-5

Steve: Baerga hit 2 HR

Steve: Robin Ventura hit a grand slam, the first ever in the new Comiskey Park
Steve: losing pitcher?

Steve: Tom Candiotti
Ryan: nice
Steve: how about Bobby Thigpen
Ryan: lol
Steve: Melido Perez
Ryan: lol
Steve: Chris Hoiles
Steve: these are all people that will be forever on my spreadsheet for either hitting a HR or getting a pitching decision

Ryan: !
The Danny Tartabull GameRyan: Chris Hoiles!
Steve: haha
Steve: Ricky Bones

Ryan: I just called and left Eric a message
Ryan: nice
Steve: remember him? Big Brewers prospect
Steve: what did you tell him?

Ryan: that I was going to play cards with Delino Deshields and Devon White and if he wanted to be a fourth. If not, we could always ask Tom Candiotti
Steve: lol
Steve: I did indeed see Paul Sorrento hit a HR too
Steve: he and Glenallen Hill for the same team in the same game actually

Steve: ooh how about Mark Langston

Ryan: eric called me back
Steve: haha
Ryan: butch huskey
Steve: lol
Steve: I love that name

Ryan: charles nagy
Ryan: actually, it was charles nagy that started this game
Ryan: Oh man.. .i just htought of someone who DEFINES this era
Ryan: Dave
Ryan: Justice
Ryan: Ryan: we just name as many mediocre baseball players from the nineties as we can
Jlenoky: haha
Jlenoky: butch husky
Steve: ok I’m back
Steve: wow butch husky was the first one

Ryan: yeah
Steve: how about Kevin Seitzer
Steve: Luis Sojo

Steve: ooh Damon Easley
Ryan: that is a dynamic trio
Ryan: i especially like seitzer
Steve: how about Luis Polonia
Ryan: outstanding work
Ryan: my brother came up with one that blew me away
Ryan: Greg Vaughn
Steve: oooooo
Ryan: because he couldnt think of any that didnt play for the twins
Ryan: then bam… greg vaughn
Steve: good recovery
Steve: how about famed closer Storm Davis

Ryan: Only if the game was started by john smiley
Steve: ooh that’s a good one too
Steve: how about Gary Disarcina

Ryan: excellent work
Steve: Terry Steinbach
Ryan: another former twin
Steve: the funny part is basically all the guys I’ve mentioned before I saw hit a homer
Ryan: haha
Ryan: you say disarcina hit a homer?
Steve: yep
Ryan: I saw WILL CLARK hit a homer
Steve: how about this for a game
Steve: Angels 8, White Sox 6

Steve: Chicago HR: Tim Raines
Steve: California HR: Jim Edmonds, Gary Disarcina, Damon Easley
Steve: WP: Mike Bielecki
Steve: LP: Jason Bere
Steve: S: Lee Smith
Ryan: ooh
Steve: haha Jeffery Hammonds
Ryan: We should make that allstar team… we each get one team… all 9 positions and a relief pitcher
Steve: what are the guidelines?
Steve: lol

Steve: I think I have a winner

Ryan: they had to have played in the 90’s and you have to be reasonably sure that they won’t ever be an all star
Steve: Heathcliff Slocumb
Ryan: i mean HOFer
Steve: but isn’t it more fun if they were all-stars?
Steve: ahh ok

Ryan: well played
Ryan: And in the spirit of the game, we’ll have a draft that starts…. now
Ryan: you go first
Steve: hold on, reviewing the conversation
Ryan: haha.. all right
Steve: ok I think I have to go with Glenallen Hill since I remember him so well and probably no one else does
Ryan: well, since pitching wins championships, I’m going with John Smiley
Steve: I’ll take Chris Sabo to play 1st
Steve: oops he played 3rd

Ryan: I’m going to take this game’s namesake…. Danny Tartabull for the outfield
Steve: let me see where Seitzer played
Steve: ahh he was mostly 3rd too

Ryan: i would pick seitzer for first
Steve: I’ll take Mark Langston as my SP
Ryan: so seitzer is or is not still on the board?
Steve: he’s on the board
Ryan: nevertheless, I’m going to take 1st baseman Will Clark
Steve: ok
Steve: I’m logging this in excel just so you know

Ryan: nice… I’ll find their lifetime stats and put them into high heat 2003 and sim a game… best baseball sim ever, btw
Steve: haha
Steve: I’ll go with Dante Bichette in LF
Ryan: I’m going to have to go with my favorite player ever… Tim Wallach at 3rd
Steve: haha ok Steve: here’s a new one
Steve: Bobby Bonilla for CF

Ryan: oh no! thats AWESOME
Steve: I’ll put Hill in CF, Bonilla in RF
Ryan: Well, since you don’t have much more outfield to fill in, I’m going to work on my infield some more… Delino Deshields at 2b
Steve: hmm
Steve: I need 1B, 2B, SS, C, RP

Ryan: what do I need again?
Steve: SS, LF, CF, C, RP
Steve: I’ll take Carlos Baerga at 2B

The Danny Tartabull GameRyan: Andy Van Slyke.. .where did he play again?
Ryan: what position?
Steve: I think he was CF
Steve: lol that’s a great one too

Ryan: I’ll take Van Slyke
Steve: haha ok
Steve: we didn’t name too many 1B earlier

Ryan: we really didnt
Ryan: Wally Joyner
Ryan: David Segui
Ryan: well… in the sim, do we go with a DH or no?
Steve: lol Steve: haha I got a SS
Steve: Wil Cordero

Ryan: lol!
Steve: yeah we can pick a DH
Ryan: in that case I’m taking Maldonado
Steve: for DH?
Ryan: someone has to take Candy Maldonado
Steve: ooh Cordero still plays, does that count?
Steve: (I had no idea he did)

Ryan: ooh.. thats right… well, bichette still does too, so I’ll let both slide
Steve: I’ll go with Todd Hundley at catcher
Steve: no screw that I’m taking Tettleton

Ryan: lol
Ryan: nice
Steve: ok you need a SS, LF, C, RP
Ryan: I’ll take Lou Whittaker at short
ve: lol that’s a good one too

Ryan: not gonna take him, thought of a good one
Ryan: former purdue boilermaker…
Ryan: Archi Cianfrocco
Steve: lol
Steve: ok I’ll drop Baerga since he still plays

Steve: and I’ll replace him with…
Steve: Mike “leggo my” Gallego

Ryan: lol
Steve: now I need to find a 1B
Ryan: yeah… still your turn to pick
Steve: oh many how can we forget so many good 2B?
Steve: Mickey Morandini

Ryan: yeah, thats a good one
Ryan: im surprised you let steve sax go
Steve: only because he was on the Sox
Steve: they’ve had lots of messed up guys like Mike LaVallliere

Steve: Lance Johnson

Steve: Ron Karkovice

Ryan: haha
Steve: remember Pete Incaviglia?
Ryan: uh, how can you forget pete incaviglia
Ryan: jim eisenreich?
Steve: haha
Steve: ok at 1B I’ll go with Sid Bream

Steve: you need LF, C, RP
Ryan: I was looking at Tettletons stats… most similar by age? Ron Karkovice
Steve: lol
Steve: is that who you want?

Ryan: no
Steve: actually I only didn’t take Jaha because you said it first
Steve: but I think he needs to be on one of these teams

Steve: and Bream played mostly in the 80s
Ryan: so you’re taking jaha?
Steve: yeah I’ll go with him
Ryan: My final outfielder is going to end up being Ray Lankford
Steve: lol Steve: he was very mediocre
Steve: I’ll go with Storm Davis as my closer

Ryan: I’m so torn on this one… I don
Ryan: ‘t know enough good relievers
Ryan: I think I’ll just go with Dan Plesac
Steve: haha that’s good
Steve: I’ll go with Seitzer as my DH
Steve: you need a catcher
Ryan: hmm…
Ryan: I’m inclined to go with Chris Hoiles
Ryan: oh my god… look at the mid nineties orioles… we named pretty much the whole team
Steve: I actually found a better one
Steve: I think it was like the 1994 Brewers
Steve: ooh….Jeff Reboulet

Ryan: Rico Brogna
Steve: lol
Ryan: oh shit… Nilssons my catcher
Steve: 96 Brewers
Steve: Matheny, Jaha, Vina, Cirillo, Valentin, Greg Vaughn, Listach, Mieske, Seitzer
Ryan: lol
Steve: Jeromy Burnitz, Kelly Stinnett, Dave Nilsson, Mark Loretta on the bench
Steve: I love the rotation too
Steve: Ben McDonald, Scott Karl, Ricky Bones, Jeff D’Amico, Cal Eldred, Steve Sparks

Ryan: that’s just awful
Ryan: Have you got all your stats?
Ryan: its more fun not to look at the stats until you have your team
Ryan: like, your best power hitter is Mickey Tettleton
Steve: I kind of looked at them
Steve: see the ESPN Monday Night Football crew?

Ryan: Chris Sabo is your fastest player
Steve: Joe Theisman, Mike Tirico, Tony Kornheiser
Ryan: yeah no shit… what are michaels and madden doing?
Steve: going to NBC for Sunday Night
Ryan: oh…
Ryan: you have to get me a batting order sometime
Steve: oh man I don’t even know
Steve: I should probably pick a different closer Steve: Davis only has 11 saves
Ryan: ill just leave him in.. I wouldnt worry about it
Steve: lol I have a good one
Steve: Ricky Bottalico

Ryan: lol
Ryan: I already have Davis
Ryan: ‘s stats… why don’t I add Candiotti to my team and we’ll each have three pitchers
Steve: haha ok
Steve: set up guy

Ryan: there you go
Ryan: Tartabull’s full name is Danilo Tartabull Mora
Ryan: lol… the similar hitters is like a who’s who of players for the next round of the Danny Tartabull game
Ryan: Ryan Klesko, Jeromy Burnitz
Ryan: he was traded to the A’s for Ruben Sierra
Ryan: god… Tartabull is connected!
Steve: lol
Ryan: all right, ill be right back
Steve: ok got my lineup
Steve: 1. Seitzer

Steve: 2. Sabo
Steve: 3. Bichette
Steve: 4. Jaha
Steve: 5. Bonilla
Steve: 6. Hill
Steve: 7. Tettleton
Steve: 8. Cordero

Steve: 9. Gallego
Steve: I’m going to take that shower I wanted to take since coming home from my haircut
Ryan: Deshields was traded once in his career…. that trade was for Pedro Martinez
Steve: wow Steve: pretty bad trade
Ryan: indeed
Ryan: although Deshields was a lot better than i thought
Ryan: Really the ultimate leadoff hitter
Ryan: he averaged 46 stolen bases a year
Ryan: averaged
Steve: wow
Ryan: I randomly picked a pretty good team
Ryan: 162 game averages…
Ryan: Deshields BA .267 HR 8 SB 46
Ryan: Van Slyke
Ryan: .274 16 25
Steve: I just took a phone survey on beer
Ryan: Clark .303 23
Steve: ooh over .300
Ryan: Tartabull .272 30
Ryan: Lankford .272 23 25
Ryan: god… how do I bat those last 4… thats how I have them now, but I’m just not sure
Ryan: the one that blew me away…
Ryan: Nilsson .284 20
Ryan: Whitaker .277 17
Steve: wonder why he didn’t play longer
Ryan: Wallach .258 19
Ryan: Maldonado .254 17
Ryan: yeah I dont know
Ryan: All right… I’m going to see about creating these teams
Ryan: I’m way to excited by this
Steve: haha go for it
Steve: too bad you can’t do it on whatif sports

Ryan: (and if this doesn’t turn into a full length 86 page post, I’ going to be sorely dissappointed…. the whole conversation.. the game recap… its going to be the coup d’gras of our site)
Steve: haha ok
Steve: I have writers block on my White Sox story….haha

Ryan: not a problem
Steve: so are you going to try to simulate this?
Ryan: yeah
Steve: coolness
Ryan: I say we get this lengthy conversation up, then I’ll try to simulate it and see how it goes
Ryan: This is terribly amusing
Steve: haha
Steve: yeah sadly it is

Ryan: I can’t wait until the game
Steve: lol
Ryan: im even putting in height, weight, and of course, handedness
Ryan: I’m trying to get the correct baserunning speed
Steve: haha ok
Ryan: you’re supposed to be able to adjust the fielding skill, but that usually doesn’t go so well
Steve: hmm
Ryan: like, Wallach won the gold glove several years in a row at third
Steve: not too bad
Ryan: Gallego was white, right?
Steve: I think so
Ryan: ugh… I should have picked Greenwell
Steve: well I’m going to eat and call home…I’ll be back in a little bit
Ryan: all right
Ryan: I’ll let you know how its going
Ryan: lol… the only left handed batter on your team is Ricky Bottalico
Ryan: Tettleton is a switch hitter, but still
The Danny Tartabull GameSteve: Bottalico has a big bat
Ryan: I have DeShields and someone else as a southpaw
Ryan: Langston is a lefty
Ryan: Van Slyke
Ryan: Clark
Ryan: thats right, theres a couple
Steve: wow
Ryan: another name not mentioned…. Kevin Elster
Ryan: This has totally consumed my evening
Ryan: Candy Maldonado was traded to the Indians for one Glenallen Hill in 93
Ryan: Hill was also traded for Candiotti
Ryan: after long last… its game time
Ryan: Langston is having some control problems
Ryan: All right.. bottom of the first 1 out, your team is up 1-0 after Bichette drives in Kevin Seitzer on a single to left… first hit of the game
Ryan: 3 walks so far… ugly
Ryan: make that 4
Steve: Smiley isn’t cutting it?
Ryan: well, there were 2 for each pitcher… but Van Slyke grounded into a DP and Tartabull struck out
Ryan: 1-0 after 1 after Hill grounds out to Deshields with 2 on
Ryan: and I’m on the board! Solo homer for Dave Nilsson
Ryan: I should note that this game is being played at 3 rivers
Steve: haha
Steve: that or Milwaukee County would be the best for this

Ryan: well, that’s my home stadium
Ryan: and now after 1 and a half, its 1-1, but the bigger story is that Langston has already thrown 41 pitchers
Ryan: and your team goes down quietly in the bottom half
Steve: ooh
Steve: maybe I should have added Jim Abbott too

Ryan: haha
Ryan: ok, Maldonado singles, Deshields grounds into a FC (great play at 3rd by Sabo) and Langston throws away a pickoff throw that sneaks into the outfield and DeShields comes all the way around to score… 2-1 my team after 2 and a half… but LAngston has 5 K’s
Ryan: and after 2 its 2-1
Ryan: Lankford walks, Nilsson doubles him home.. 3-1
Steve: ouch
Steve: damn Nilsson

Steve: did you give Sabo crazy goggles?


Steve: another guy we’re missing: Pete Harnisch

Ryan: oh yeah
Ryan: Jaha on 2nd, Hill on 1st, Tettleton singles up the middle and jaha scores… 3-2
Steve: woo hoo
Steve: what inning is this?

Ryan: bottom 4
Ryan: ok, Hill on third, Tettleton on first, 2 out with Gallego up… routine grounder to DeShields who promptly throws it into the dugout.. Hill scores, its 3-3
Steve: haha I guess that’s why he’s not “ideal”
Ryan: yeah… well, Langston’s first pitch of the 5th inning is his 76th of the game
Ryan: Ugh… Van Slyke grounds into his 2nd DP of the game
Ryan: Ooh, your boys blew a chance… first and second, nobody out, Jaha GIDPs, Bonilla grounds out
Ryan: two outs in the 6th… Langston throws his 100th pitch
Steve: washed up bastards
Ryan: a quiet 6th, still 3-3.. Storm Davis is up in the pen, but Langston is still toeing the rubber
Ryan: and after walking Lou Whitaker, Langston is pulled
Steve: old Stormy
Steve: I’m in trouble

Ryan: well, there’s been a Tom Candiotti sighting… It’s in the hands of the relievers now
Ryan: Gallego gets another gift as he pops it up to Candiotti who drops it
Ryan: the announcer says “if he breaks his glove, do they call a welder?”
Steve: haha
Steve: leggo my gallego

Ryan: well, nothing comes of it.. Seitzer GIDPS (Wallach to Deshields to Clark) and the Whitaker makes a great play to rob Sabo of a hit
Steve: damn
Ryan: Van Slyke walks, Clark flies out, Tartabull singles, Lankford walks, loading the bases for DAve Nilsson…
Ryan: who strikes out! now with two outs, they bring in Bottalico
Steve: what inning is this?
Ryan: 8th
Ryan: and Whitaker grounds out to 2nd! no!
Ryan: it looks like they just woke Smokey Robinson up
Ryan: no.. thats otis redding
Ryan: lol… so, they wouldnt let me just go with the 9 players for the batting order, they wanted 10… anyways, Steve is pinch running for Bichette
Steve: well I had a brief little league stint with the Angels in the 90s
Ryan: nice
Ryan: 9th inning…
Steve: uh oh
Ryan: and Ryan pinch hits for Candy Maldonado and triples… bullshnikies
Steve: is this top or bottom?
Ryan: top
Ryan: you’re the home team
Steve: I hope this gets over with quick, I need to get to bed
Ryan: haha… well, I got caught steeling home and DeShields struck out
Steve: nice

Ryan: and Gallego comes through again with a 2 out double!
Ryan: in comes Plesac
Steve: haha its all up to Seitzer
Steve: well regardless of what happens, at least we made some even teams

Ryan: Seitzer walks
Ryan: its up to Sabo
Ryan: long fly deep to left and….. FOUL
Ryan: then he grounded out… extra innings
Steve: crap I want to get to bed
Ryan: first batter of the tenth, van slyke
Ryan: Clark sends a foul over the fence, then grounds out
Ryan: and Tartabull hits a HOMERUN!
Ryan: 5-3
Steve: damn you Bottalico
Ryan: and now its Plesac versus Steve
Steve: great
Ryan: it all comes down to this.. Plesac
Ryan: Bonilla
Ryan: and Bonilla strikes out.. Team Ryan WINS!
Steve: haha alrighty

The Box Score
FINAL IN 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E

Ryans 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 5 8 2
Steves 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 9 1


Delino DeShields 2b 4 1 1 0 1 1 3 .250
Andy Van Slyke lf 4 1 1 1 1 1 2 .250
Will Clark 1b 4 0 0 0 1 1 1 .000
Danny Tartabull cf 5 1 2 1 0 2 0 .400
Ray Lankford rf 2 1 0 0 3 1 0 .000
Dave Nilsson c 5 1 2 2 0 1 1 .400
Lou Whitaker ss 3 0 0 0 1 1 4 .000
Tim Wallach 3b 4 0 0 0 0 1 2 .000
Candy Maldonado dh 3 0 1 0 0 1 1 .333
Ryan ph-dh 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1.000

TOTALS: 35 5 8 4 7 10 14

2B: Nilsson (1, Langston). 3B: (1, Bottalico). HR: Nilsson (1, 2nd
inning off Langston, 0 on, 1 out); Van Slyke (1, 10th inning off Bottalico, 0
on, 0 out); Tartabull (1, 10th inning off Bottalico, 0 on, 1 out). RBI:
Nilsson 2 (2); Van Slyke (1); Tartabull (1). Runners left in scoring position,
2 outs: Wallach; DeShields; Whitaker. GIDP: Van Slyke 2. Team LOB: 7.

SB: DeShields (1, home plate off Langston/Tettleton). CS: (1, home
plate by Bottalico/Tettleton).

E: DeShields (1, throw); Candiotti (1, fly ball). DP: 3
(Whitaker-DeShields-Clark; Wallach-DeShields-Clark-DeShields;


Kevin Seitzer dh 3 1 0 0 2 1 3 .000
Chris Sabo 3b 5 0 1 0 0 0 3 .200
Dante Bichette lf 4 0 3 1 0 0 0 .750
Steve pr-lf 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
John Jaha 1b 5 1 1 0 0 1 3 .200
Bobby Bonilla rf 4 0 1 0 1 2 1 .250
Glenallen Hill cf 4 1 1 0 0 1 4 .250
Micky Tettleton c 4 0 1 1 0 1 0 .250
Wil Cordero ss 4 0 0 0 0 1 0 .000
Mike Gallego 2b 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 .250

TOTALS: 38 3 9 2 3 7 14

2B: Gallego (1, Candiotti). RBI: Bichette (1); Tettleton (1). Runners left in
scoring position, 2 outs: Hill 2; Seitzer; Bonilla; Sabo. GIDP: Jaha; Seitzer;
Hill. Team LOB: 8.

E: Langston (1, throw). DP: 2 (Sabo-Gallego-Jaha-Gallego-Cordero;


John Smiley 6 6 3 2 2 5 0 3.00
Tom Candiotti 2 2/3 3 0 0 0 1 0 0.00
Dan Plesac (W, 1-0) 1 1/3 0 0 0 1 1 0 0.00


Mark Langston 6 4 3 2 5 7 1 3.00
Storm Davis 1 2/3 1 0 0 2 1 0 0.00
Ricky Bottalico (L, 0-1) 2 1/3 3 2 2 0 2 2 7.72

Langston pitched to 1 batter in the 7th.

WP: Smiley; Davis. Pitches-Strikes: Langston 108-66; Davis 38-21; Bottalico
27-18; Smiley 79-50; Candiotti 36-24; Plesac 23-13. Ground balls-Fly balls:
Langston 9-4; Davis 0-5; Bottalico 3-4; Smiley 12-7; Candiotti 7-2; Plesac
2-1. Batters faced: Langston 25; Davis 8; Bottalico 9; Smiley 26; Candiotti
10; Plesac 5.

Umpires: HP: Tony Ragano. 1B: Sam Sheth. 2B: James Coliz, Jr. 3B: Alice
Qiao. T: 3:39. Att: 47,971. Weather: 76 degrees, clear. Wind: 1 mph, in
from left.

High Heat Baseball Player of the Game: Andy Van Slyke


Top of the 1st inning: Ryans batting

Delino DeShields walked.
Andy Van Slyke grounded into double play to third.
Will Clark walked.
Danny Tartabull struck out swinging.

0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors
Ryans 0, Steves 0

Bottom of the 1st inning: Steves batting

Kevin Seitzer walked.
Chris Sabo grounded out to first, Seitzer to second.
Dante Bichette singled, Seitzer SCORED.
John Jaha flied out to right.
Wild pitch by John Smiley, Bichette to second.
Bobby Bonilla walked.
Glenallen Hill grounded out to second.

1 Run, 1 Hit, 0 Errors
Ryans 0, Steves 1

Top of the 2nd inning: Ryans batting

Ray Lankford grounded out to second.
Dave Nilsson HOMERED.
Lou Whitaker struck out swinging.
Tim Wallach struck out swinging.

1 Run, 1 Hit, 0 Errors
Ryans 1, Steves 1

Bottom of the 2nd inning: Steves batting

Micky Tettleton flied out to center.
Wil Cordero grounded out to second.
Mike Gallego flied out to left.

0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors
Ryans 1, Steves 1

Top of the 3rd inning: Ryans batting

Candy Maldonado singled.
Delino DeShields grounded into fielder’s choice to third.
Mark Langston committed a throwing error on a pickoff attempt, DeShields stole
home plate, DeShields SCORED.
Andy Van Slyke struck out swinging.
Will Clark struck out looking.

1 Run, 1 Hit, 1 Error
Ryans 2, Steves 1

Bottom of the 3rd inning: Steves batting

Kevin Seitzer struck out swinging.
Chris Sabo grounded out to second.
Dante Bichette flied out to center.

0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors
Ryans 2, Steves 1

Top of the 4th inning: Ryans batting

Danny Tartabull grounded out to second.
Ray Lankford walked.
Dave Nilsson doubled, Lankford SCORED, Nilsson to second.
Lou Whitaker grounded out to third.
Tim Wallach flied out to center.

1 Run, 1 Hit, 0 Errors
Ryans 3, Steves 1

Bottom of the 4th inning: Steves batting

John Jaha singled.
Bobby Bonilla struck out looking.
Glenallen Hill singled, Jaha to second.
Micky Tettleton singled, Jaha SCORED, Hill to third.
Wil Cordero struck out looking.
Mike Gallego was safe after Delino DeShields committed a throwing error, Hill
SCORED, Tettleton to third.
Kevin Seitzer flied out to right.

2 Runs, 3 Hits, 1 Error
Ryans 3, Steves 3

Top of the 5th inning: Ryans batting

Candy Maldonado struck out looking.
Delino DeShields singled.
Andy Van Slyke grounded into double play to pitcher.

0 Runs, 1 Hit, 0 Errors
Ryans 3, Steves 3

Bottom of the 5th inning: Steves batting

Chris Sabo singled.
nte Bichette singled, Sabo to second.
John Jaha grounded into double play to shortstop, Sabo to third.
Bobby Bonilla grounded out to shortstop.

0 Runs, 2 Hits, 0 Errors
Ryans 3, Steves 3

Top of the 6th inning: Ryans batting

Will Clark grounded out to shortstop.
Danny Tartabull struck out looking.
Ray Lankford walked.
Dave Nilsson flied out to center.

0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors
Ryans 3, Steves 3

Bottom of the 6th inning: Steves batting

Glenallen Hill struck out looking.
Micky Tettleton struck out looking.
Wil Cordero fouled out to catcher.

0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors
Ryans 3, Steves 3

Top of the 7th inning: Ryans batting

Lou Whitaker walked.
Storm Davis relieved Mark Langston.
Tim Wallach popped out to catcher.
Wild pitch by Storm Davis, Whitaker to second.
Candy Maldonado flied out to left.
Delino DeShields fouled out to catcher.

0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors
Ryans 3, Steves 3

Bottom of the 7th inning: Steves batting

Tom Candiotti relieved John Smiley.
Mike Gallego was safe after Tom Candiotti committed a fielding error.
Kevin Seitzer grounded into double play to third.
Chris Sabo grounded out to shortstop.

0 Runs, 0 Hits, 1 Error
Ryans 3, Steves 3

Top of the 8th inning: Ryans batting

Andy Van Slyke walked.
Will Clark flied out to center.
Danny Tartabull singled, Van Slyke to second.
Ray Lankford walked, Tartabull to second, Van Slyke to third.
Dave Nilsson struck out looking.
Ricky Bottalico relieved Storm Davis.
Lou Whitaker grounded out to second.

0 Runs, 1 Hit, 0 Errors
Ryans 3, Steves 3

Bottom of the 8th inning: Steves batting

Dante Bichette singled.
Steve ran for Dante Bichette.
John Jaha struck out swinging.
Bobby Bonilla singled, Singleton to second.
Glenallen Hill grounded into double play to shortstop.

0 Runs, 2 Hits, 0 Errors
Ryans 3, Steves 3

Top of the 9th inning: Ryans batting

Tim Wallach grounded out to shortstop.
Ryan hit for Candy Maldonado.
Ryan tripled, to third.
Robertson caught stealing home plate, Ryan out at home plate.
Delino DeShields struck out looking.

0 Runs, 1 Hit, 0 Errors
Ryans 3, Steves 3

Bottom of the 9th inning: Steves batting

Micky Tettleton grounded out to second.
Wil Cordero grounded out to shortstop.
Mike Gallego doubled, Gallego to second.
Dan Plesac relieved Tom Candiotti.
Kevin Seitzer walked.
Chris Sabo grounded out to first.

0 Runs, 1 Hit, 0 Errors
Ryans 3, Steves 3

Top of the 10th inning: Ryans batting

Andy Van Slyke HOMERED.
Will Clark grounded out to second.
Danny Tartabull HOMERED.
Ray Lankford struck out looking.
Dave Nilsson flied out to right.

2 Runs, 2 Hits, 0 Errors
Ryans 5, Steves 3

Bottom of the 10th inning: Steves batting

Steve grounded out to first.
John Jaha flied out to right.
Bobby Bonilla struck out swinging.

0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 Errors
Ryans 5, Steves 3

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