The Guru is back! $50 for you?

Yes! The Saints Nation Guru is back for an other year. I am glad to announce that our new leader has agreed to continue the tradition started by Andrew to award $50 to the winner (split if tied) of the Seasons Guru title.

It is simple and free! Earn weekly Guru titles and the one with the most titles will get the prize money. You collect weekly Guru titles by spending a few minutes answering 5 questions about the next upcoming Saints game. Leave a reply and the one who has the most correct wins the title. The 5th question is as always a tie-breaker if after 4 questions there are multiple people with the same number of correct answers.

But this is not about winning, it is about fun! I want to show off I know Saints stuff even though I am usually more wrong then right.

Sometimes some of you forget the post because you simply have no time. As a special service to you, this year I will be introducing an e-mail sent to you when the post is live. Send me your e-mail address.
You can find/follow me on twitter (@Monedula_); message me you would like to get Guru reminder e-mails; I will add you and we can DM the e-mail address (personally I would not tweet an e-mail address to the world).
If you do not have twitter you could send me a Facebook message. Dutch River Jackdaws I do not use it socially, just for fantasy football and I might not get your message immediately but eventually. Also be sure I will put your e-mail address in BCC so nobody will see your address.

I will do a quick 5 question example which will not count towards the years Guru; but you will get the idea:

  1. Does the Saints defense again shut out the opponent?
  2. Do the Saints get more then 4 sacks?
  3. How many touchdowns will the Saints get?
  4. Will Dorenbos make the ball magically disappear after snapping it?
  5. Tie-breaker: How many points does Wil Lutz score?

Hope to see you all active this next season!

Who Dat!