The HOVG Podcast: Rachel Balkovec

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The HOVG Podcast: Rachel Balkovec

This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen are joined by Rachel Balkovec.

The baseball trailblazer returns to talk to the boys about what she’s been up to since she was first on the podcast, lays out her new gig with the New York Yankees, shares what she is doing to help people out during the current pandemic and, for some reason, wonders what a travel show with her and 2 Chainz would look like.

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The Yankees Hired a Hitting Coach. Her Name Is Rachel.

Rachel Balkovec looks forward to breaking barrier as hitting coach

First female Yankees hitting coach describes her long journey to the top

Humans for Humans During COVID



This week’s podcast was brought to you by Teambrown Apparel and Out of the Park Baseball.

The HOVG Podcast: Rachel Balkovec

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