The Jihad of Red Sox Nation

There has been recent mania sweeping the nation (as in United States) regarding Sons of Sam Horn. David Pinto, a blogger I greatly respect, posted an article on February 4th and 6th. The February 4th article noted Curt Schilling’s quote about Rob Neyer, and ran an entry on it. LanternJaw, SOSH’s leader, blasted Pinto, using the term “a poor display of ethics.” This incensed bloggers nationwide, such as esteemed bloggers as ‘Futility Infielder’ and ‘Bambino’s Curse’. They and other bloggers and writers felt compelled to write articles defending Pinto.

Schilling had continually said that he did not want his comments published outside Sons of Sam Horn save for Boston Dirt Dogs. While Schilling’s wishes should certainly be respected, the internet … IS the internet … and anyone can view that thread. Schilling needs to realize that he cannot blanket the internet with what he says – ONLY until LanternJaw makes Schilling’s comments viewable only to members will Schilling’s wishes be granted. Schilling is one in a million – a player that constantly talks with the fans and answers questions. It is every blogger’s dream.

But SOSH is being a royal pain in the … . I’m a member there (and I am almost ashamed to say so). This is not really a knock against Sons of Sam Horn. There are great people on that board, and there are GREAT discussions. But it’s too cliquey. Every time I go to SOSH, I get the feeling I’m in high school. If you posed the following question to SOSH two years ago: “You know, I can get you a baseball STAR who is known as one of the best players in the game to be a continuous poster on SOSH, and he will request his comments stay only on SOSH. But for me to get him to post on SOSH, you have to be acceptable of the fact that quotes WILL make it out into the media even if aforementioned baseball star requests otherwise, for the internet is public. You will have to be accepting of this.”

Every SOSH fan, I guarantee, would have said yes in a heartbeat. But when Schilling falls into their laps, now only SOSH can have him? Now only SOSH members can enjoy Schilling? Also, Schilling said Boston Dirt Dogs could use his quotes. Why Dirt Dogs? Why not … Red Sox Nation? Why not … Baseball Musings? Why not … Fire Brand? It just smacks of cliques. I love Dirt Dogs to the death and I am friends with the leader…but that does not excuse both SOSH’s and Dirt Dog’s actions.

Maybe … just maybe it was okay to tell Pinto to please take the quote down and instead link to it. But the way they went about it? Not good at all. Accusing Pinto of unfair ethics. Having a “holier than thou” attitude. I’m sorry, but that itself is unexcusable. And that’s why Dirt Dogs and SOSH finds itself labled “the jihad of Sox Nation” (Feb 06 entry).

We are not competitive players here, folks. We created these forums, sites, and blogs so everyone could speak their minds. When we start breaking into cliques and compete against each other for quotes … what does that say about us?

It says we’re just as bad as the media. It says LanternJaw = CHB (Curly Haired Boyfriend, an acronym for Dan Shaughnessy). It says Dirt Dog (Steve) = Buckley (The Herald’s version of CHB).

And we don’t want that, do we?

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