If Brink is so bad then how come you think the Cougs can score 38?

The logic is simple and evident in the numbers: this offense is as good as the 94 defense was through three quarters. I mean, the offensive production is RIDICULOUS when you consider that this team has not been blown out once. You can understand outrageous numbers from a juggernaut that gets most of their yards and points against 3rd string defenses (as one would expect with an 0-4 conference team). But the fact that we’ve been blasting first units speaks both to the fact of how bad our defense is and how leadershipless our QB is when it matters most.

You can also say what you want about ND and Weiss, but our offense is BETTER than ND’s and just about anyone outside of USC for three quarters–don’t believe me, just look at those OUTRAGEOUS numbers. I also don’t care what anyone says–USC will NOT be ready for us in the first half because those kids can’t possibly be taking us seriously given our record and their stature. The only caveat to that is if our boys don’t come to play. But with Hill talking about NFL aspirations and Harrison wanting and needing desperately to show that he’s something on the national stage, I doubt that the O is going to lay down.

The question is, how do we keep the game competitive to keep things interesting, and dare I say, put us in a position to stage the biggest upset in the history of college football?

Here’s my take:

1) Do NOT play conservative in the first half. Carol will stack the line of scrimmage early to slow Harrison and thwart our attempts to keep his offense off of the field. So, do what we did against CAL, throw the ball to Hill or Gipson and strike early and often. The goal: score 28 points in the first half.

2) Play overly aggresive on defense. Last week was PERFECT preparation for Bush and White. Stack the line, pinch whomever to shut off the sweep and try to knock Leinahrt out of the game. If you give up 400 yards passing in the first half and 28 or 35 points–so be it. But don’t allow the D to stay on the field for more than 15 of the first 30 minutes.

3) Game plan for the second half before the game. Continue the theme of the first half and go deep whenever you can. When USC finally has to drop back, unleash Harrison as much as you can. Play bend but don’t break defense (only in the 3rd) to further shorten the third quarter. If we can Shrink the game in the 3rd quarter, if we’re lucky, we’ll enter the fourth within 7–I’m thinking 42-35 SC.

4) In the 4th, play all out. If you lose 70-42–so be it. But, play ALL OUT. Gamble on defense in the same mold as the first half, and give your offense a chance to win or tie the game at the end.

In the end, we will lose no matter what–be it because SC blows us out, because Brink just can’t get it done when it matters, or because the bottom line is that both their offense and their defense is better (particularly their defenses ability to stop us a few times when our d may not be able to stop them once).

In any case, we will score–the question is how we play. If we play wide open on both sides of the ball, then we can make it interesting.

And you just never know what kids will do on any given Saturday.

I just hope it doesn’t come down to the kicking game. That’s one thing I can’t handle…

Good thing I won’t have to…

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