The NCAA Tournament and Steroids

Welcome to the Ides of March. As we now turn our eyes to Spring, the media columns across the country have a smattering of opinions and news.

Bill Griffith of the Boston Globe works hard on the media column and gives plenty of news and notes. He starts on how the Boston TV stations will cover the NCAA Tournament then gives the ratings from the weekend. NASCAR won the weekend in Boston even beating the Red Sox Spring Training game on NESN.

Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News is all over the place. He really doesn’t have a focus on his column. He writes about the NCAA Tournament then moves to steroids and goes back again. Try to read this without throwing your coffee mug at the screen.

One of my favorite broadcast teams of all time was Dick Enberg, Al Maguire and Billy Packer. They loved college basketball and they made their partnership work. When Packer left for CBS, Enberg and Maguire remained as entertaining as any team. Dick and Al reunited at CBS and the network even brought Enberg, Maguire and Packer back for one game in 2000. Maguire died in early 2001 and Enberg has written a one man play as a tribute to the old Marquette coach. It’s actually a great story and Richard Sandomir of the New York Times. You will have to register to read it or go to bugmenot to bypass giving your personal info to the Times.

Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune writes about a new book about the 2004 Chicago Cubs season.

CBS Sports is crowing about increased ratings for the past weekend of college basketball coverage and the Selection Show.

And since you’ll be seeing her quite a bit over the next three weeks, I give you the official website of the lovely Bonnie Bernstein for no other reason because I can. And as I really get silly, here’s a photo gallery from a fansite.

The sports radio stations in Boston and Providence have spent much of their time today discussing steroids. Jose Canseco was a guest on the Howard Stern show today in anticipation of his testimony to Congress this week. It was a very good interview, but as usual, Canseco unveiled little than what he already has to “60 Minutes”. I did learn that Madonna sent him a “tape” and that she used the code name “Melissa” or “M” when she called him at the ballpark, but that did not fool his teammates.

The NCAA Men’s Tournament starts tonight as the play-in game airs on ESPN.

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