The NL Central Still Goes Through The Cubs


The Royals start a three game series tonight in Chicago against the White Sox, meaning they probably stayed the night in St. Louis to save a few bucks on hotel rooms.

Alarms were set early in pitcher’s rooms; they were more than ready to get out of town.

For the 6th straight game, the Cardinals won. For the 5th straight game, the Cardinals have scored 8 or more runs. For the 2nd straight game, the Cardinals have hit a grand slam.

I was wrong.

Wainwright was… right?

At least I think I was wrong.

A look at the NL Central standings shows the Cardinals in 2nd place, only 1 game back of the Chicago Cubs (even in wins @ 59, 2 games back in the loss column).

Against the odds, the Cardinals have made the division a race.

Then again, the Cardinals have already had one 6-game winning streak in 2017 that was erased by a 7-game losing streak a few weeks after.

So time will tell, I guess.

It’s not stopping fans from throwing gas on the growing excitement fire:

What’s that?

Oh, you’re right. That is the official Cardinals Twitter.

I guess everyone over on Clark is feeling themselves at the moment.

Even more encouraging? A quick peek at the schedule ahead shows some room for serious movement over .500 with 14 of the next 25 games against last place (Giants) or second to last place (Padres, Braves) teams.

I think you already know what I’m going to say, though.

This is going to come down to the Cubs.

More specifically:

1) When the Cubs woke up this AM and realized the Cardinals were tied with them in wins, what went through their minds? Do they actually have the ability to re-focus on 2017 and be the team that everyone expected?

2) The Cardinals and Cubs play each other 7 times in the last 47 games. So far in 2017, the Cardinals are 4-8 against the Cubs. A .333 winning percentage – the worst against any NL team this year. Can the Cardinals,  you know, actually beat the Cubs?

We’ll find out the answers to those questions soon enough.

For now, we’ll keep looking for the #RallyCat and hoping that the team we’ve been watching this week is the team we’ve been waiting on for a year and a half.

For real, though. Somebody please find that cat.

Photo: Colton’s World of Gaming and Life


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