The Oilers, I mean Refs, are slippery bastards…

We should have beat the Oilers in regulation. As much as I dislike and bitch about Jovo, that was a good goal. That goal would have put us up 5-2. Even if the Oilers still score their two goals, we win. I have to say, that was one of the worse calls I have ever seen in all my years of hockey. It definitely influenced the outcome of the game. I get refs are human and they make mistakes but come on, they reviewed it (for a second) and still disallowed the goal. It really seemed as if the refs wanted to give the Oilers the chance to catch up. Even Tips was visibly upset, which seems very out of place for him. He’s usually void of emotion.

Ok, enough about that. I did not get to see the first two periods but did get 92 texts in an hour about the game. I left class, turned on the radio and hear PRUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! score. Apparently the Czech line was on fire. Vrby, Marty and Pru all with goals.

Doaner also got a goal in the game and then of course becomes Captain Clutch and gets the OT winner. Ahhhhh, the Captain is back. I knew he would come alive in January. He always gets off to a slow start and ramps it up in January. Welcome home Doan, welcome home. So despite the crap call, the boys still pull of the win and get two points. I wish we could have done it without giving the Oilers a point though.

But we are still in 4th and I guess I will take that. 😛

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