The Puppy Legacy Crumbles?

Don’t know if you guys have caught the hypothetical match-up between this year’s Trojan army against the Dawg’s national championship team of 1991…In short sum, 78% of ESPN readers gave the nod to Troy while Herbstreit and Mark May said that the game “wouldn’t be close.”

Not that I want to give the Puppies any props, but are you fricking kidding me? Granted, the Dawgs NEVER faced a group like Leiny or Bush, but have people forgotten how stinkin good that defense was and how potent their offense was?

If you match up the 2004 Trojans versus the 1991 Huskies, I give the nod to Troy because of how good that D was last year….and all we need to do is look at the Hawks MLB and then think about Patterson, and that’s all you need to know…

But, when you think about what Fresno State did, and think about what ND did against this year’s team–I mean, Notre Dame would lose to that Washington team by four touchdowns in South Bend!…

So, with that in mind, my who cares prediction of the century is thus:

91 Puppies 30
05 Troy 21

Thank god those days are over!!!!!!

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