The Ravens Are Chasing Cap Hell (And His Name Is Lamar) │ NFL Betting

Lamar Jackson Tweet On Ravens

Cap hell is a real place, and no team wants to be in it. What’s more, no fan base wants their team to be in it, and this is especially true of you fans who like to bet on your team. Perhaps this is why there has been such an intense focus on Lamar Jackson’s contract as of late, as the QB market is soaring and questions around his ability are in everybody’s mind.

The GOAT vs. The Ego

It is no secret that Tom Brady has taken smaller contracts to help his team afford key playmakers. (I guess if you are going to play longer than everyone else you end up with more money anyway.) This in turn has helped him win, making him one of the best professional athletes of all time and endeared to his expansive fanbase. However, he is truly one of a kind in this regard.

While Brady was taking paycuts, other QB’s have been chasing ego. Everyone who is decent wants to be the best paid, and those in conversation to be the best seem to have the need to point towards their contract as the final piece of evidence. Granted, it may not be the ego we see in some WR’s, but it is nonetheless relevant. Instead of learning one of the most basic lessons that Brady is publicly sharing, one on how to get a ring, many QB’s are chasing a bag instead. Which leaves us with the intrigue of Lamar.

Lamar: Mr. Humble or Mr. Reality?

Lamar is notoriously humble, only finding himself narrowly more well known for being a running back. I kid, I kid. It is easy to see he is indeed more than a running back, although just how much more is yet to be decided. Lamar has made some bone-headed mistakes in many games, with one against the Bills in the playoffs the first to come to my mind. The Bills had blitzed cover zero and Hollywood was on a crosser. If Lamar, who had recognized the blitz, had just laid it over the top for Hollywood to run under, it would have been a touchdown. He didn’t, and later that drive he threw the pick-6. The key point: Lamar isn’t developed.

Of course, it is true that a QB doesn’t have to be at his career-best to lay claim to the bag. However, Lamar isn’t even close. He still struggles with some throws and hasn’t ironed out the mental aspects of the game. This means that his potential is a question mark, and hence how much value he brings to a team is hard to monetarily pinpoint. Fortunately for Ravens fans everywhere, Lamar doesn’t just want to re-sign with the Ravens, he wants to prove himself worthy first.

Big Truzz In Big Truzz

The Ravens have been in contract extension talks with Lamar for more than a year, and no deal being done had parts of the NFL world getting antsy. Rumors began to circulate, leading Lamar to twitter and Bisciotti (the Ravens owner) to a press conference. Both reassured Ravens fans that they wanted the deal to get done, with Bisciotti letting fans know that Lamar does in fact want to prove himself worthy of the next big contract before signing it. While this may lead to a big sigh of relief, I recommend making it a small one for now.

The Ravens Are Going To Cap Hell

The Ravens have taken on a few massive contracts in the last few years, already facing a cap problem before extending Lamar. Stanley (LT), Andrews (TE), Peters (DB), Humphrey (DB), and Williams (DB) all have big deals, leaving the Ravens with a sparsely-talented front seven and aging talent in the back of their defense. Throw a QB contract into the mix, the cheapest of which is in reality $30M (~$10M more than he has thus far showed himself to be worth), and you cannot have a winning roster. Instead, you have entered an extreme version of cap hell.

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