The Saints Nation Guru – Season wrapup!


So that was it. The Saints season is over. No more guru posts till the new season if Andrew will have it. Let us hope we will gain even more participants then. Facebook comments should simplify that, even if it means I have to keep my facebook account 🙂

The answers for last week: There were more then 60 points. So yes it was a shootout. I don;t know why the Saints were able to stop the Falcons in the second half. Their second half defense is crazy good. Personally I think the Falcons kinda gave up, but it is good to see they at least kept Ryan under 5K! There was only 1 turnover and it was an INT Drew threw, so no multiple trunovers by the saints. Only one sack by Nick Fairley so he lead the Saints. Brees had 2 TDs and the answer to the tie-breaker was: 23 runs.

So lets see; Wow! Unbelieveable. EVERYBODY had 2 correct answers. So it all comes down to the tie breaker. And guess what… I win! I was just off 1 yard. That feels good to end the year as the last weeks Guru winner. That means that SaintsNation and mateusjf share this years Guru title and both get $25, or rather Andrew gets to keep $25! Mateus, email Andrew at saintsnation at gmail dot com to collect your earnings. A paypal account will be necessary.

Congratulations to you both!

But who loses? This weeks Falcons cup, in falcons hate week goes to mateusjf. He clearly expected the Saints to win calling for 31 runs (= win). That does nothing for the Falcons cup for the season. Shared grief is half the sorrow. In this case only a third. Own the Falcons, CharlieB721 and Eliza18s all get a piece of the trophy. That is right, rip that thing in pieces!

So that was it for the year. Below is the Final leaderboard. Thanks you all for playing. I will see you guys next year!

The Guru:
1. SaintsNation – 3
1. mateusjf – 3
3. ElImanov – 2
3. Monedula_ – 2
5. jdup22 – 1
5. ultimatenyg – 1
5. painstakingly – 1
5. Own The Falcons – 1
5. BENIEK – 1
5. TimPearson1 – 1
The Falcons cup:
1. Own The Falcons – 3
1. CharlieB721 – 3
1. Eliza18s – 3
4. ElImanov – 2
4. Monedula_ – 2
4. mateusjf – 2
7. kindtorcher  – 1

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