The Sconnie Scoop: What Illinois Is Saying…

The Sconnie Scoop: What Illinois Is Saying...

It’s game day morning, so that means it’s time to fire up grills, get your kegs and eggs on and it’s time to find out exactly what the opposition is saying and thinking about this game.

According to the Champaign News Gazette Tim Beckman is proud of his team as they went through a walk-through yesterday, braving what were less than ideal conditions. The paper also had an interesting Q&A w/ starting safety Supo Sanni that’s worth checking out.

The fine gentleman over at A Lion Eye thinks the Illini will cover the spread, but still lose to the Badgers – so check out his reasoning why (personally I don’t see that happenig in any way, shape or form)

Over at The Chicago Sun-Times they say it’ll be a rocky road for the reeling Illini when they take the field at Camp Randall – we can only hope to make it more rocky, eh?

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What’s killed the Illini more than anything this year? Turnovers. The Chicago Tribune says that eliminating those should help them win a game or two, perhaps even against Wisconsin. Here is their preview of the game as well.

The Arlington Heights Daily-Herald tells us that both teams are seeking answers to major questions on Saturday and they are dead on with that. Let’s hope it’s Bucky finding the answers to the affirmative though!

Of course it wouldn’t be a Badger week without taking a swipe at Bret Bielema, right? The Decatur Herald & Review talked abou how Bielema didn’t know President Obama was in town in an attempt to show just how insulated a world college football coaches live in.

If you’re dying for the inside scoop on the Illni heading into the game, may we suggest’s All Out Blitz? It’s a pretty in-depth look at things from their side of it heading into this afternoon’s matchup.

Hope you enjoyed that look and make sure to follow us on Twitter @MTBadgers for our in game commentary as well as checking back here for a full game report and analysis following the game.

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