The Stadium Issue

The new ownership has been making modifications to Fenway Park. Last year they introduced Green Monster seats and added a couple rows of seats behind home plate, making the foul area very miniscule. This year, they are adding right-field roof seats.
Eventually, Fenway is going to be come too decripit to be played in (unless they completely overhaul it, which could possibly be more expensive for the HWL corps). A new stadium will have to be completed.
This is a very touchy subject, but a new stadium can easily be created for the Red Sox and have the fans enjoy it. The first thing that would need to be done is to put it on the Boston Waterfront. Then you would need to have not a retractable or domed stadium, but open air, and no upper deck seats in the outfield. That way the only thing you can see if you looked out into the bleachers would be the first set of bleachers, the scoreboard, and then the entire view of the night sky/day…all across the entire outfield. The entire one, meaning no Green Monster to block your view. You cannot duplicate the Green Monster, it just wouldn’t be right.
All walls should be roughly 5 feet high (The Green Midget?) and should have all sorts of nooks and crannies for balls to rattle around in. One would argue that the most fun to see at Fenway is not the wallball, but all the nooks the balls can go into. The chairs can all be angled toward home plate with comfortable seating. As for cup holders, I would put then under the seat, not on the seat themselves. It just feels wrong to have cupholders at a ball game. There should also be an open-air foyer part of the new Park – kind of like Yawkey Way with Fenway Park, but closed in and part of the stadium and not so constricting. Qualcomm Stadium, ex-home of the San Diego Padres, had a great open-air foyer – just too much cement. Also, make sure there are no escalators – that’s just wrong. Enter at ground level, like at Fenway and Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Have foul ground be average – not ample, but not small. Make sure the fans are part of the action.
Have the dugouts be the way they are in Fenway, and move the bullpens to behind the dugouts. That way the relief pitcher can sit with the team and then move to the ‘pens behind the dugout where they can warm up and keep an eye on the game via a giant TV. They can also just poke their head in the dugout.
Another thing that should be done is to have every Sunday home game in Fenway Park. That way Fenway Park is never really dead, but the fact that it’s only every Sunday home game would allow Fenway to still be used, but not heavily. It would also be more of a special event – Fenway Park on Sundays!
A new stadium is inevitable. All good things must come to an end. While I find it very commendable that HWL (a quick way to say Henry-Werner-Lucchino, the leaders and owners of the Red Sox) is trying to improve Fenway, you can bet they have new stadium planning going on at this very moment.

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