The underdog (!) Yankees complete amazing comeback against Cleveland

It’s been a while. Not only has it been a while since the Yankees have been in an American League Championship Series — five years, to be exact — but it’s been a while since the Yankees didn’t have the crushing weight of high expectations. Let’s face it, some of their previous playoff years in recent memory were fairly joyless, where we kind of waited for the other shoe to drop and the team to fall apart. This year has a different feel to it. That’s what happens when you’re playing with house money!

Friday’s loss was crushing and brutal, and it seemed impossible for the Yankees to come back against Cleveland, a team that had lost exactly four games since August 24. But come back they did. When I wrote a very angry Squawk after Game 2, I said I expected the Yankees to lose this series.

One thing on Saturday that I shared on Facebook did give me hope, though. This tweet by Gary Sanchez’s Twitter account. If there is anything I’ve learned in my recent weight loss/fitness journey, it’s how crucial confidence and positive thinking are!