The Week That Were: 10.30.10

Happy Halloween! As tempting as it is for me to throw a little Western History at you with today’s musical accompaniment, let’s go with something a little more Disney:

Following up on our Protestant Reformation reference, let’s jump in with the  goings on over at Ntre Ame. Remember when beating Notre Dame was a significant accomplishment? Seems like it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days, if you count the Golden Hurricanes of Tulsa as one of the cool kids.  By the way, it’s still not a good idea to Urban Dictionary “Golden Hurricane” FWIW.

The Irish lost their QB, Crist, for the season… if only his name had another letter, he’d be back in a couple of days.  The game ended on an interception in the endzone from a Hurricane named Flanders… surprising given his relationship with the faith. From what I’ve read online the play by play commentator for NBC said “and that’s the final nail in the coffin…” Probably not the wisest choice of words, given the circumstances.

One thing that concerned me about the horrible tragedy that happened with the video guy is the way that everyone was using it as a storyline. Let me get this straight- the tragedy was a rallying point of inspiration for the Irish, until they lost. Then, they couldn’t have won because of their heavy hearts.  I understand the need to make meaning of these types of situations, but it just seems incredibly disrespectful to trivialize this for interest stories or university PR. Again, just my $.02.

The Week That Were: 10.30.10
Rats, I got a Rodriguez…

Well, there’s no time like the present to talk about zombies; particularly the fans in Happy Valley and the shambling mess that is the Wolverine defense. Just so we’re clear, the mighty Greg Robinson scheme was destroyed by a walk on quarter back named, and I wish I was making this up, “McGloin“. Oh, and Robinson was hurt for a bit. Go figure.

That the Lions’ walk on QB threw a TD pass to another walk on due to the ineptitude of Michigan’s secondary of freshmen and walk ons is something that makes me as happy as getting a full sized Snickers in my plastic punkin’.  Wonder how TTUN fans are feeling about what they got– perhaps going “trick or treat” in West Virginia wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Also in the Big T1e1n, the conference race just opened up again with Iowa’s upset/beatdown of previously undefeated Michigan State.  I really thought that Dantonio had his team disciplined past their annual collapse, but I’m more than happy to enjoy what Ramzy calls Spartanfreude. This makes the game between the Eyes (Buck and Hawk) a lot more interesting, particularly if Ricky Stanzi, REAL AMERICAN, can continue to make the pieces all fit for Ferentz’ squad.

Speaking of fun- These schools lost yesterday- Michigan, Michigan State, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Western Michigan.  Notice a trend?

Staying with our “clockwork collapses” theme, the Tigers of Mizzou were haunted by ghosts of the past in another beating at the hands of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Notably, Roy Helu broke the single game rushing record with 304 yards against Mizzou. At Nebraska. Where they run the ball for breakfast. You’ve got to wonder if Stoops regrets getting “cute” and not trying to run right at the Tigers last week.

Hey, let’s have fun with the Transitive Property!- Missouri beat Oklahoma, who beat Texas, who beat Nebraska = Nebraska pounds the Tigers by two touchdowns.  This has been your “the ‘guru’ at work is an idiot” update of the week.

Elsewheres in the Big 12-2… I’m sure glad everyone in the conference chose to bow down to Texas’ demands for unity and television revenue sharing, aren’t you? Here’s a great video summary of what went wrong during the Longhorn’s loss to Baylor. Yup, that Baylor- the one that held Texas to a single TD, but gave up 42 points to Kansas State. This photo says it all. As Herbstreit said- “How do you lose to UCLA, Iowa State, and Baylor IN AUSTIN?” As you can guess, the gang over at Shaggy Bevo are not taking this well

In case you forgot, you can’t spell “unacceptable” without ACC- North Carolina almost loses to William and Mary, and Florida State/NC State’s Friday game was craptacular. Oh, and to make matters (by that I mean Ohio State’s strength of schedule) worse, Miami lost to Virginia. Not only that, but ‘Cane QB Jacory Harris got absolutely flattened, and will miss significant time:

In case you haven’t noticed, that team in south eastern Ohio sUCks right now… no disrespect to Da’ Cuse.

Over at the “World’s Largest Adult Beverage Gathering“, the Bulldogs and Gators met as unranked opponents for the first time since 1979.  The game went down to the wire, but in the end Florida’s win made Urban Meyer very very happy. Friendly reminder, Urb is 14-6 without Tim Tebow.

Also in the SEC, the number one team in the land took part in what our friend SBB called the “Laptop Bowl” between Masoli and Newton. While close early, Auburn pulled away and continued their run to an important Iron Bowl matchup.  In the game, Old Miss surprisingly chose to play in gray jerseys… that’s never worked out well.

The Week That Were: 10.30.10
Jerseys that look like mustard…

Since we’re talking about laundry, can someone tell me the name of the guy who convinced Minnesota, Cal, and West Virginia that wearing all yellow would be a good idea? That’s an idea that deserves a special UPS delivery.

Also in the world of “stupid ideas from Nike”, the Duck Star of Oregon toyed with Southern Cal just long enough for Los Angeles ‘fans’ to start looking around the garage for their USC flags. Not for long, though- the “blur”offense finally pulled away from Kiffykins’ minions… although I wanted to see Oregon lose, it’s also good to see arrogance personified shot down at home.

Oh, and Oregon? What’s the point of the white letters for your nameplates on white jerseys?  I’m sure that you’re making lots of fans, but really? It’s just showing off at this point- and no one has yet explained to me how getting new gear and shoes every week isn’t an “improper benefit”. I will say this, though, your cleats looked really nice.

Living on the Left Coast, there was a lot of noise in the preseason about Washington being “back”- wins over toOSU and USC will do that for you. What won’t help, though, is a lopsided pounding like the one they received at the hands of Stanford. At least when Mich1gAAn gets beaten, they manage more than 107 yards.

The Icabods of Washburn kept their heads and won 49-12, but ODU dropped their game to Lake Erie (the college, not the body of water).

This week, we’ve got the big Utah and TCU matchup (just a bit of sarcasm there, although they’re both undefeated) and LSU against Alabama. Meanwhile, TBPU and the resurgent Baylor Bears square off, while Arizona travels to Palo Alto and Stanford.

This week’s coverage from tBBC will be a bit different, since we’re celebrating the “week off” by experimenting a bit and getting ready for basketball. So be sure to check in and give us feedback on some of the things we’re trying-  Until then, though, there’s only one logical way to begin the Buckeyes’ off week:

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