The World Needs A Damar Hamlin And Denzel Ward Collaboration On Life Saving Cardiac Remedies

Damar Hamlin Released From Cincinnati, Upgraded to Stable Condition

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has made good on his promises of doing something impactful after he survived the terrifying on-the-field cardiac arrest during the Cincinnati Bengals Monday Night Football game on January 2, 2023.

He recently issued a 3 for Heart challenge in collaboration with the American Heart Association advocating for CPR education.

Knowing that CPR is one of the reasons he is alive today makes us love this initiative.

However, we would like to propose a collaboration with Cleveland Browns cornerback Denzel Ward, to make an even bigger impact, and here is why.

Denzel Ward Advocates For AED Usage And Education

The World Needs A Damar Hamlin And Denzel Ward Collaboration On Life Saving Cardiac Remedies

Denzel Ward’s father, Paul Ward Jr., suffered a cardiac arrest while taking a spin class at an Ohio gym in May 2016.

Though the gym had an automated external defibrillator (AED), no one used it.

Ward passed away at the age of 46.

Denzel Ward has made it his life mission (along with his family) to educate people on how to perform CPR as well as use AEDs.

His family runs a foundation called “Make Them Know Your Name” because Ward’s father always encouraged Denzel to do good things to stand out so people would know his name.

Ward’s tireless efforts to honor his father garnered him the Browns team nomination for the 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year honor.


A Hamlin, Ward Partnership Would Be Powerful

Both Damar Hamlin and Denzel Ward have personally experienced the devastating effects of a sudden cardiac arrest.

They are close in age: Hamlin is 24 and Ward is 25, from similar areas, and stayed home to play college football.

Hamlin is from Pittsburgh and played at Pitt, and Ward, Ohio born and raised, played at Ohio State.

Both have powerful messages and an excellent platform to create positive energy and awareness from what happened to them.

Collaborating seems like an obvious way to make an even bigger impact.

Hamlin is still on the road to recovery so perhaps working with Ward could be in the plans down the line when he has healed further.

In any case, both Hamlin and Ward are shining a light on a shocking life-changing event and doing what they can to teach people how to handle these situations with the primary goal of saving lives.




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