Theo taking a vacation? I don’t think so had this to say about the Red Sox possibly signing Tony Womack to a minor league deal :
The Red Sox are talking to Tony Womack about a minor league contract. Theo Epstein must be on vacation this week. Signing Terry Shumpert seemed harmless enough. Bringing in Womack might not be. If it could be guaranteed that he’d only be used as a pinch-runner and an occasional defensive replacement, Womack would be fine as a 25th man. Manager Terry Francona would just have to put it in writing that he’d never ever give him a start.
I beg to differ! First off, Theo is clearly not on vacation if the A-Rod storm of talks has started again, especially when took a picture of what he stumbled across on
Second off, signing Shumpert and Womack is really not a bad idea. They didn’t get MAJOR league contracts…they’re getting MINOR league contracts. Shumpert plays the utility position well, while Womack gives you starting experience (remember when he hit that double against the MFYs in the Yankee implosion of Game 7 in 2001?) Putting them in Pawtucket is really not a bad idea. I doubt Daubach will make the Sox off the bat – he’ll most likely report to Pawtucket. (Which is sad. The man hit 20+ HR in his first 4 seasons for the Red Sox! Not many people can say that.) But since he came off a bad season after being buried in the second half, they probably want him to tune his swing. The Red Sox finally realize that it’s important to have depth at Triple-A. And I mean serious depth. Triple-A is no longer really a prospect place, it’s a depth place.
Coming up shortly will be a relief pitching review. I won’t be writing about A-Rod, because I already covered my thoughts on it. What a twist out of nowhere!

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