There’s a new website tracking Mike Yeo’s status with the Blues

Mike Yeo

Head coach Mike Yeo is on the hot seat with the St. Louis Blues. Actually, that’s an understatement. After a summer loaded with roster changes, the Blues have been terrible so far in 2018-19. The goaltending has been bad. The defense has been worse. Ultimately the blame almost always lands on the head coach.

Now there’s a new website dedicated solely to tracking Yeo’s status with the Blues – Current status: Unfortunately.

The website tracks the team’s performance over its last 10 games and compares the Blues with the other teams in the NHL. It’s not pretty, but you probably don’t need the website to tell you that.

These types of websites are always fun. They add a bit of humor to a situation that’s not very funny. In the case of Yeo and the Blues, there are no easy solutions. It’s not like there’s a perfect coach waiting in the wings to take over should Yeo be removed. However, something probably has to change and that usually falls on the coach first.

Now if only the Blues could find a player/coach who is a gifted strategist and also a star defenseman …

One can dream.

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