There’s nothing quite like Dallas on a Saturday night


Now that was a good bounce back win! We were finally able to beat the Stars. Not only did we beat them but we did it in a regulation shutout. I am quite proud of the boys. After last nights loss there was no better team to do it against than the Stars, a team that has beat us the last two meetings. And by beat I mean we were ahead but let off and allowed them to tie and win in OT/shootout. 

An oldie but I don’t have any from this season. ๐Ÿ™

It was nice to see Langkow back in the lineup. He has been missed. I do give credit to the organization for letting him take as mch time as he needed for the sudden loss of his mom. And boy did he have a great game! He had a two point game, assisting on the first and last goals.

Not only did Dallas arrive at 3 am but they suffered three injuries during the game: Lehtonen, Daley and Fiddler.  The Coyotes took advantage and just kept attacking. The Coyotes kept traffic in front of the net with plenty of shots coming in from the blue line. They kept the pressure up for the full 60 minutes. 

Of course the douchebag Ott tried to start something with Yandle. Yandle starting standing up for himself but luckily Pyatt steps in and helps him out. Yandle gets 2 minutes for roughing and Ott for cross checking. Ott also took a cross checking penalty with two minutes remaining. I’m sure that helped us make sure they didn’t get any last second goals. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Coyotes win this one 3-0. It looked almost effortless on their part. I hope we can keep this up. We have quite the roadtrip coming up. Tuesday we go into Chicago and Thursday its up to take on the Thrashers. We then return home and take on the Flyers on Saturday. I’d love to see four points on the road. If not we can lose to the Blackhawks in OT (need that one point) and beat the Thrashers in regulation.

And in conclusion, tonights Tysonism (patent pending):

Take a look here, it was rubbing him out. 

I had to rewind the live feed to re-listen to that gem.  

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