Thibodeau acting in a consultant role for Sacramento

Earlier we found out via social media that former Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau is acting in a consultant role for the Sacramento Kings. He is currently with the team in Memphis and the request came from George Karl.

Karl knows his team is struggling defensively, so why not ask one of the best defensive minded coaches we have had in the past decade for advice.

It was known from the start of this season that Thibodeau would take the year off from coaching after a five-year run with the Chicago Bulls where he finished with an impressive 255-139 record.

Video via CSN

He has also worked with DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay with Team USA, Rajon Rondo in Boston and Marco Belinelli in Chicago.

Whether or not the Kings’ front office likes it, there will be a lot of rumblings of fans wanting a defensive minded coach such as Thibodeau at the helm next season.

*James Ham reported that he will be with the team for the next few days. As far as for the rest of the season, it is yet to be determined. It shall be interesting in the next couple of days to hear what Karl has to say in the media scrums.


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