Things to think about when hunting out a Sportsman Generator

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Things to think about when hunting out a Sportsman Generator

Sportsman generators are an interesting case of a generator having a name that isn’t really connected or linked to their manufacturer. Sportsman generators are actually made by Buffalo Corp sometimes referred to as Buffalo Tools. 

This has understandably led to some confusion but now you know just who is behind these generators. So, if you are thinking of buying a Sportsman what do you need to think about and consider? Well let’s take a look, shall we? 

Can you find a supplier? 

The first thing to think about when considering a Sportsman generator is whether you can actually find a supplier. Buffalo Corp have plenty of information on their website about their range of generators but you can’t actually buy them directly. 

You will instead need to use their website to search for a supplier and hope there is one nearby. Because they don’t directly sell to the public getting your hands on a Sportsman and finding a vendor can be difficult depending on your location. 

Do you want a portable generator? 

The next thing to consider is whether you want a portable generator? Sportsman generators are all portable models but they come with a wide range of power levels. Some have small wattages of 1 to 2K while others are much higher at around 10K. So, there is certainly some variety when it comes to their power levels but if you want a way to power your whole home then a Sportsman is unlikely to do it. 

What features do they include? 

Generators can come with all kinds of features some are nice luxuries but others can be pretty much mandatory for some people. Everyone’s needs will be different but let’s look at what features you can find on a Sportsman generator. Well, the good news is all Sportsman generators feature automatic low oil shutdowns. 

This will help you protect your generator’s engine from harm, they can also use various types of fuel. You’ll find gas, diesel and propane generators with the Sportsman name and even some dual and tri-fuel models. Many models also feature electric start and they are all EPA approved. 

While this isn’t strictly a feature one good thing about Sportsman generators is that many of their heavier models do come with wheel kits included or were designed for easier mobility. 

So, there are certainly some impressive features as standard when it comes to Sportsman generators and each model does have its own unique characteristics. Whatever you need your generator to do there is likely a Sportsman that can do it. 

How long of a warranty do you need? 

Everyone buying a generator should ensure they have a warranty and thankfully most manufacturers are aware of this so will include a warranty as standard. Buffalo Corp is no different but the bad news is to some the warranty on offer from them could be too short. 

Sportsman generators have a warranty of only 90 days which might not be long enough for some people to really feel comfortable enough to make a purchase. So, that’s a look at Sportsman generators and you should now have a better idea of whether they are the right choice for you. 

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