Things you might see at Bates Battaglia’s bar

As you may or may not know, former Hurricane and current Toronto Marlie Bates Battaglia still lives in Raleigh and owns a rather popular downtown bar called Lucky B’s. The wife and I met some friends up there last night and saw the usual debauchery. We didn’t run into any players this time, however I thought I’d enlighten you with some of the typical stuff that ends up happening there:

In the off-season, you’ll probably see Bates at his bar trying to, well, get lucky:
You might see Johnny Grahame, pounding shots and being a douche in general.

You might see me buying two shots at the bar, turning around to find some cute girl asking if she can have one, me saying no then my wife and I drinking our shots right in front of her face and saying afterwards “Ahhh, that was awesome wasn’t it?”.

You might be taking a wiz and Andrew Ladd is in the stall next to you. He then proceeds to unleash a burp that shakes the Earth’s foundation, prompting all the men to compliment his bodily noises.

You might see the bartenders jacking up your tab by putting some drinks you never drank on your bill.

You might see Stormy the Icehog.
You hopefully won’t see anyone getting stabbed like you will at certain other hockey player’s bars.

You might see all kinds of memorabilia scattered about the bar reminding you of Bates Battaglia when he wasn’t a minor-leaguer and was a top-line player with the Canes and the “BBC Line”.

You might get hit a few times by ping pong balls as you pass the beer pong tables in there.

You might see the Canes playing on TV, as this is certainly a good place to catch the games.

You might see a certain bald Swede, a certain USS Hal Gill (tm tPB) or select other Leafers (and former Leafs) whenever they are in town to play the Hurricanes: