Thirteen reasons why we can’t stand Nomar

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Sam Killay replies to my Nomar article.
Extremely good post. Able to run down everything I hated about Nomar – and then some I forgot about – especially #2.
Right on, Burn [my note: I go under the persona of “Burn Factor” on bulletin boards.]
1 ) I can’t stand his brainless hacking.
2 ) I can’t stand his stupid E’s. You wanna get an E on Nomar? It’s easy. All you have to do is hit the ball right at him.
3 ) I can’t stand his cool aloofness.
4 ) I can’t stand his pro-Union, pro-steroids rhetoric.
5 ) I can’t stand his agent.
6 ) I can’t stand his support of Gump.
7 ) I can’t stand his terrible swing mechanics.
8 ) I can’t stand his refusal to correct said hitting mechanics.
9 ) I can’t stand his refusal to alter his hitting approach, even after it’s obvious that he isn’t the same hitter he was before the injury.
10 ) I can’t stand his newfound streakiness at the plate.
11 ) I can’t stand the fact that he’s strictly a fastball hitter–who can’t catch up to good fastball anymore.
12 ) Lastly, and most of all, I can’t stand the obvious greedy egotism behind his repeated demands for more money. Nomar wants to be a MFY, apparently, because no one but Steinbrenner would pay him what he’s asking. So be it.

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