This Has Nothing To Do With Baseball

Here is a link to a NY Times article about the Wii U, the next generation gaming system This Has Nothing To Do With Baseballfrom Nintendo to be released soon.

This thing is cool. Apparently, there is a touch-sensitive, motion-sensitive screen right on the controller that completely changes the gaming experience. It makes the TV itself superfluous. Its in 1080p Hi-Def and could be the start of the next big thing, the same way the Wii was.

Am I going to buy one? No, probably not. But I’m not a gamer and it’s not like I’m buying another system over this one, I don’t really buy video games at all. I am really impressed and excited to see one in person, though. I hope someone I know buys one. Something tells me that won’t be a problem as these things may sell almost as well as the Wii did a few years ago.

Cool Thing

-Max Frankel

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