This is not apple Sox, or barbecue Sox. This is the Sox.

The game yesterday was rife with tension. We were playing the best team in baseball, and there was no guarantee we were going to win. We were going to have to cowboy up and beat the White Sox. Well, we did just that, winning a 9-8 game that was close the entire way. The only time we had breathing room was when David Ortiz hit a 3-run homerun in the bottom eight to send it to 9-5. Unfortunately, Curt Schilling had to survive two homeruns (for a total of three runs) before striking out Aaron Rowand to end the game.
Jason Varitek hit a two-run bomb in the bottom of the fifth to tie the game, 5-5. Immediately after this home-run, NESN showed a replay of Jason Varitek eating some… applesauce.
I was immediately reminded of a quote by David Ortiz made in 2003 … “This is not apple Sox, or barbecue Sox. This is the Sox.” It made me wonder…
Has David Ortiz been a monster these last three years, pounding the ball because he’s so angry, because members of the Red Sox believe it is actually apple Sox or barbecue Sox? Does Jason Varitek eat applesauce all the time? Does Kevin Millar eat everything with barbecue sauce? Is that why David Ortiz goes up every night, pounding the ball, getting his fustrations out to show Varitek and Millar that we’re the Red Sox, not any other type of sauce?
It’s food for thought… literally.

Tim Wakefield takes on Jon Garland tonight. See you there.