Three of the Best Volleyball Shoes Available Now

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Playing a game of Volleyball is fun for many. If someone is looking forward to playing it on a daily basis, then they will need a good shoe. Shoes help in taking in the shock that the feet face in heavy exercise. So, let us see some of the shoes that are apt for playing volleyball.

  • ASICS GEL-Rocket 7 shoe for men

This shoe is recommended to people who play on an inside volleyball court. It is regarded a top pick in the world of volleyball players. There are a lot of features the pair. The front of the shoe has amazing cushioning for the player. People who do not want to spend much but want a good pair of volleyball shoe can go for this option. But they have to remember that it isn’t good for playing in the sand or rough terrain.


  • Comfortable Fit
  • The shoe will last for a long time
  • Lightweight
  • A gum rubber sole is present


  • Cannot be used for outside games
  • Not very flexible

So, one can go for this pair of volleyball shoe, if they want something to play a game in courts.


  • Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2 for Men

One of the highest rated and best-looking option in Top Volleyball Shoes. People rave about the product because of its versatility and its features. The stability and comfort of the shoe are phenomenal. Along with that adequate cushioning is present all over the shoe. The shoe is also viable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The upper part of the shoe also has mesh to increase the breathability. Also, the flexibility has been kept high so that people can use the shoe under any condition.


  • Can be used on both grass and court
  • The cushioning is amazing
  • Parallel wave helps in evening out shock
  • The shoe is lightweight
  • The material is very strong and durable


  • The tongue of the shoe can be a problem for people with wider feet

This pair of shoes is great for men who are looking for a versatile volleyball shoe.


  • Nike Volley zoom Hyper Spike shoes for women

Women need a comfortable pair of shoes to play volleyball, and Nike does provide a good pair for them. Known for its comfort and features, this pair stands out a lot. The upper portion fly wire construction increases breathability and helps in the downward locking of the foot. A 3D midfoot shank is also present to make the fit and comfort better. It is also cushioned most optimally.



  • Very comfortable
  • The support is great
  • Versatile for any play
  • Support and cushioning is great


  • The sizing is not good
  • Can be stiff

So, women who are looking for comfort can go for this pair.


Choosing the pair of shoes is important for any player. So, match tour requirements and get a shoe that is versatile and also adequately does the job.

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