Thursday and Friday Night Games

On Thursday night, the Coyotes beat the Penguins 4-1. Congrats go out to Kevin Porter, as he got his first NHL goal (and a special shout out to Boedker who went over and collected the puck for Porter).

The refs seemed to be leaning toward the Penguins. There was an obvious hooking on Bods, but nothing was called. And then they called a boarding call on Carcillo that was so not boarding. Never the less, the Coyotes were able to overcome the non-calls and bad calls to win the game.

Rhino had an impressive return. He was all over the ice and making some smooth moves. He also had a couple of assists and was really setting the guys up nicely. Maybe we need to sit Rhino more often… he comes back with a vengeance!

Overall, the boys played well. They held the Pens scoreless in the first and answered the Pens first goal quickly. They did slump a little bit in the second but not as much as they did against the Flames and thye came back strong in the third. They were hitting hard and taking hits. They were fast and kept their feet moving. When they lose, they aren’t doing all of the above.

On a side note… I am very disappointed in Sidney Crosby. I didn’t like him much before (too much whining) but I can’t believe what he did Saturday. He left after the second for an “injury” (probably thanks to the hit from Doan, yah, he was DOANED!). He later said he would have to watch the tape to see how he was injured (ok, how do you NOT know what you injured?) and that he couldn’t have done much in the third anyway. Ummmm, you were down 2-1 in the third. There was plenty you could have done. Wow, what a great captain. I guess I am spoiled having Doan as our captain. He is the type to play with a broken hand for over a month (and was the best player in the NHL for that month) and the fans didn’t even know until after his hand was healed. That is a captain. That is a leader. In my opinion, Sidney Crosby is not a leader. What kind of leader leaves his team for an unknown injury (unknown by the player…yah still don’t believe that) and then says there was nothing he could have done?

Thanks to the woman behind me I am losing my hearing. She is very loud and when she screams, it is very high pitched. I am thinking they are season ticket holders, as they have been there the last couple of games. I literally cringe whenever she yells. I am pretty sure she doesn’t know much about hockey, as some of the things that come out of her mouth are just plain stupid (Goal it, wtf?). Also, Saturdays are worse, as they drink, a lot. I also overheard them say they didn’t know who to cheer for when another team comes to town (I believe it was Vancouver) but other than that they are Coyotes fans. Ugh. I hate people like that. You live here now; this should be your team. I don’t care if you cheer for whatever team when they are not playing the Coyotes, but when you are a Coyotes STH, you need to cheer for them even when they play your other team.

Last night we went to the Road Runners game. It was a pretty good game, even though they lost. It took overtime for the Reign to win. Everytime the Reign scored, the Road Runners would answer quickly with a goal. I did notice that the Road Runners weren’t hitting and fighting as much as they usually do. They picked up the hits a little bit in the second and third.

My goalie did an awesome job, even though he let in 3 goals. He doesn’t make me nervous in net like Bryz does for the Coyotes. Speaking of Bryz, I am starting to think he really isn’t starting goalie material. I think we need to go with the tandem. Bryz for like 2-3 games and then Telly for a game or two.

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