Don Kelly To Save The Day

Jim Leyland and Flealand

Cleveland suffered another setback as Jhonny Peralta will be bringing his talents to Detroit for the remainder of the season. For Jhonny Perallstar the Tigers gave up Giovanni Soto, a single A superstar. My reaction to this trade was very similar to that of receiving junk mail. I looked at it for a second…debated if I should see what this all about…and then ultimately decided it wasn’t worth my time.

Perhaps the lowpoint of the Tigers season occurred today in the afternoon finale from beautiful Tropicaina Field. That moment was when Don Kelly pinch hit for Gerald Laird in the 8th inning in a one run game. If Donald Kelly is your pinch hitter…there are no words that accurately represent the disappointment I feel in this team. The only way it is acceptable to pinch hit the DonKey is if it is to pull a Roger Dorn and purposely step into one. Because c’mon, it’s Donnyreah, we won’t miss him too much. My friend came up with the DonKey nickname for Kelly, unfortunately using that means he did something well, which will realistically probably never happen. A shame.

Cabrera had a rough afternoon at 1st. His oopsies resulted in 3 runs coming in. My favorite part of Cabrera’s game at 1st base has been him going with the unnecessary sliding catch attempt on the majority of ground balls hit to him. I quickly analyzed every game at 1B Cabrera has played this year and calculated that he averages 2.2 unnecessary sliding attempts per game. With opposing pitchers now having zero reason to throw him a pitch, this looks like one of the few things that we can look forward to.

Pretty much if you had a pulse in Toledo, you are now a Detroit Tiger. At the moment of the mass call up, the Erie Seawolves and Mudhens were both in last place, so the call ups were very well deserved. So, we got that going for us, which is nice.

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