Time for Saturday Linkage

I hope your Saturday is going well. Happy Passover to the Jewish readership. And let’s get started with the links.

The NHL has now scheduled the rest of the playoff series for this weekend as well as potential Games 7 for Monday and Tuesday. I have the entire schedule here for your perusal.

Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News wants to watch the Mavericks playoff games in HD while listening to the radio call.

Jerry Garca in the San Antonio Express-News says it’s nice to hear a network executive finally admitting he’s rooting for certain teams for the finals.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Dan Caesar catches up with former Blues TV voice Ken Wilson who has found a new calling.

Ed Sherman of the Chicago Tribune writes that Reds announcer Marty Brennaman is not backing down from his criticism of Cubs fans. Here’s a story from the Columbus Dispatch’s Scott Pristle from last Sunday on Brennaman’s candor in the booth. I personally like Marty and Reds fans do too.

CNBC’s Darren Rovell is sickened by one Minor League Baseball team selling turkey testicles at its concession stands.

Bruins fans can rest assured that tonight’s Game 6 between the B’s and Montreal will be seen in HD on the main NESN channel.

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune writes that Thursday’s Game 5 of the Minnesota Wild-Colorado Avalanche series beat all TV programming in the ratings.

Art Spander of the Oakland Tribune says the San Jose Sharks now have a captive audience. It’s up to them to cash in.

William Houston of the Toronto Globe and Mail notes that French language network RDS is outrating CBC for the Boston-Montreal NHL playoff series in Canada.

Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette writes that CBC is stung by criticism that it’s anti-Canadiens.

Allison Hanes of the National Post says a lack of Canadian teams in the second round of the NHL playoffs plus losing ratings to RDS is hurting CBC.

But even with the loss of ratings to RDS, the head of CBC Sports plans to televise more Canadiens games next season on Hockey Night in Canada.

Tim Lemke of the Washington Times writes that one reason we have not seen a total conversion to HD sports programming is the cost.

Some network press releases for you now.

CBS Sports has a preview of its golf coverage this weekend. First, it looks at the first of several consecutive weeks of the PGA Tour with coverage of the Verizon Heritage Open from Hilton Head, SC. CBS will be in Reunion, PA for the LPGA Ginn Open.

Fox Sports looks at its MLB coverage for today. And starting today, viewers can vote for the top Yankee Stadium moment of all-time.

ESPN Classic will have a movie marathon running in conjunction with the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival. And ESPN is crowing about increased ratings for the NBA and other sports properties.

And NBC Sports talks about its NHL playoff coverage this weekend.

That’s it. Enjoy your Saturday.

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