Titans/Rams Q&A: Part I

In preparation for this week’s St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans matchup, I exchanged questions and answers with Jeff Roman, who writes for Rams Gab. After the jump, you’ll find Part I of our Q&A session with Jeff answering my five questions. Total Titans What are your thoughts on rookie NFL head coach Steve Spagnuolo’s first season? Rams Gab Steve Spagnuolo is a great leader. The players love him and they follow him without question, however, he is still learning as an NFL head coach. He has never been a head coach before at any level, so growing pains are par for the course. He calls a very conservative game on both offense and defense, which is surprising based on his blitzing schemes in New York. However, some of that may be based on attempting to play it safe with a team that isn’t the most talented team in the league. All in all, he looks to be a good head coach who is still growing into the head coach position. Total Titans Since signing a six-year, $65 million contract extension in 2007, Marc Bulger has been less than stellar to say the least. Does Bulger still have a future in St. Louis, or are his days as a Ram numbered? Rams Gab Bulger does not have a future in St. Louis. He has an albatross of a contract that the Rams will certainly rid themselves of this offseason and he most likely will be unwilling to return to St. Louis at a lesser rate. Total Titans Besides all-pro RB Steven Jackson, is there another player on the Rams’ offense that the Titans should pay close attention to this weekend? Rams Gab The Rams interior offensive line is a pretty good weapon, but if you are thinking strictly skill players, both WRs Donnie Avery and Brandon Gibson can have their moments. Avery needs a free release and room to run at full speed in the secondary to be dangerous and Gibson needs to run the right route and catch the ball before making moves on the defender to cause problems. Total Titans The Rams have the league’s 28th ranked rush defense. What will “Spags” do this Sunday to contain explosive Titan RB Chris Johnson? Rams Gab 12 men in the box? No seriously, the Rams will probably keep at least safety Craig Dahl down in the box all game. Dahl is playing on Sunday to replace OJ Atogwe at FS. Dahl brings much more impact in the run game, but is liable in coverage and lacks the play-making ability that Atogwe brings. Total Titans The moment of truth: What’s your prediction for this weekend’s Titans/Rams battle? Rams Gab Titans win 28-9. That’s it for part I of this week’s Q&A. In part II, I’ll answer Jeff’s five questions.

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