Tonight I feel ambitious and so does my foot, as it sinks on the pedal

Ok… I wrote this on the flight after getting up at 4 am and not being able to sleep because of turbulence. I hope it’s ok! I realize it has been a bit since I last updated but I was preparing myself for the trip north and the cold weather. Wish me luck… I’m gonna need it especially since it’s only supposed to be in the 20’s the whole time I’m here and a storm tomorrow night! No worries, I have secured a ride to the Buffalo Wild Wings in town so I am able to watch the Ducks and Coyotes game.

Anyway… this entry will cover the last two games of the road trip. The boys split the last two games, one narrow win and one crappy loss.

The narrow win was Doan’s 1,000th game in Columbus (a separate Doan only article will follow sometime this week, aiming for Saturday since the Yotes are having a ceremony for him before the Kings game). LaBarbara got the start for this game, scary I know. Bryz needed the rest; he was getting sloppy. I say it was a narrow win because it took a shoot out to win. We should have had it in regulation but whateves. We let up and gave Columbus an in.

I was freaking out over the shoot out. I hate when they show stats. Serial Killer’s (SK from here on out) shoot out percentage? Like 30. Garon’s? Around 70. OMG, srsly?? Crap. Crap. Crap. But we had Captain Clutch and Czechs, so it worked out ok. Oh yes, and SK had an amazing poke check on the last Columbus shooter; dude never saw it coming. Color me impressed. Well, with the poke check, not much else.

Then the boys traveled to Anaheim. I was feeling good about the game. We always play well against the Ducks and Bryz plays out of his mind well. Oh… and we were going to be able to see it!

Sadly, I was disappointed. I was so far wrong. This is why I stopped predicting scores. When meeting people? I am spot on. When predicting hockey? Not so much…

The feed was horrid. There was way too many close ups of Duck players who didn’t have the puck and weren’t really doing anything. They also were flashing ads during playes. All around just not good.

Then there was Jovo. He reminded me why I don’t like him. Two stupid penalties = two stupid Duck goals.

I am apparently blocking the rest from my memory. I remember nothing but the crappy feed, the crappy Jovo penalties and Tyson being on the radio (I just can’t get away from that man, if he’s not on tv, he’s on the radio).

So we ended up with 4 points out of 8. Could have been worse, should have been better.
What we learned:
1. Face-offs – still a very important aspect of the game. Winning them helps you control the puck and win the game.
2. Don’t ever let up. When we sit back on a lead, we give the other team a chance to come back and usually they do.
3. Our PP sucks.

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