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Tony Parker! The guy gets gutted by Poseys’ elbow and the dude hits the fade-away 3 w/ 3 secs in the 1st half! NICE!
Oh and there is a Sean Marks sighting and Oberto still sucks.
Spurs lead the Heat at the end of the first quaret — 20-18!
Ok early on in the 2nd Q, and freaking Oberto loses the ball out of bounds when Manu set him up for an easy layup. Take him out of the game Pop!
Damn!!!!! Wade broke Manu’s ankle on that play! He crossed him over and wrapped the ball around his back to set up Zo Morning for a lay-up!!!!! Kick his ass Manu! Oh and Tim schooled Zo Morning and hopefully someone will punch Zo in his kidney!
(2nd Q 7:25 left — Spurs 27/Heat 26)
Ok I bet Pop is going nuts! It’s the Nick “the lawsuit” Van Exel and Jason Williams 3-point shoot-out! All star festivities began early in Miami. Will someone please tell Van Exel this is a team game not a one-on-one contest!
TP is making Gary “The Mitten” Payton look his age! TP took the ball to the rim and got the foul from “The Mitten.” He’s old!
With TD resting for a long time Rasho is the defensive anchor! Blocking shots and altering them!
Whoa! Dwayne Wade is hurt and almost went “dodgeball” on the ref and picked up the T! He was going to throw the ball at the ref!
Man its getting chippy between the teams. TD and Haslem got into it. Here’s what I don’t get…..Haslem fouls TD and then gets in TD’s face. Man Haslem letit go! But the refs gave TD and Haslem a T. Tim bricks the free-throws. But man its getting heated with these teams.
At the end of the 1st half the Spurs are beating Miami on both ends of the court. Defensively they are stopping Shaq and Wade. Offensively its been TP! Shaq has been a non-factor and Miami has 14 turnovers. Easy buckets for the Spurs and TP is capitalizing. Score Spurs 49/Miami 38.
One more thing, will someone please beat the “F” out of Steven “A-Hole” Smith! My god, screaming doesn’t mean you are smart!
Mike D. will be here to give you the 2nd half recap!
I am out like Beno’s minutes!
Co-Host The Spurscast
PS Oberto still sucks!
Will someone please shut Bill Walton’s mouth!

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