Top Events for Gambling on the Olympics

The Olympics are a grand summer gaming event that is held once every four years. Each event is held in a different country, with the 2021 Olympics scheduled to be held in July-August 2021. The venue for this year’s Summer Olympics is in Tokyo, Japan. 

The Olympics are a good opportunity for sports betting enthusiasts to engage in their favorite pastimes. An event of such a large scale allows players to diversify their sports betting portfolio by betting against a wide range of games, including gymnastics, basketball, baseball, and more. You can easily find more information on the internet and get access to an sts bonus code that can help you win big at the 2021 Summer Olympics.

While most players are attracted to popular sports titles like the ones mentioned above, they are not very lucrative when it comes to online sports betting. The reason is the large number of gamblers that make it challenging for others to win large amounts of money. However, some gambling events in the Olympics do not attract such a large number of bettors and can prove profitable for you this Summer.

Jun 20, 2020; Punkin Center, Colorado, USA; U.S. Olympic hopeful Renee Tomlin rides during the USA Triathlon CO – COVID Ride Across Colorado at Colorado Highways. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports


The triathlon is one of the most physically challenging sports in the lineup of Olympics games. Players who take part in the triathlon have to complete three separate types of tasks, including swimming, cycling and running. To be a triathlon athlete who is good enough for playing in the Olympics is no small feat.

Triathlon athletes like Mario Mola from Spain and Vincent Luis from France are the favorites to win during this year’s Summer Olympics.


Rugby is one of the most rugged sports in the world and enjoys immense popularity within the United States and throughout the world. Rugby teams play in a 7 vs. 7 format that allows them to engage in a game that challenges the very limits of their physicality. 

This year, Rugby is traveling all the way to Tokyo, Japan, for the Olympics, where the national rugby team from Fiji is expected to maintain their winning streak, with tough competition from South Africa and the UK.


While the general impression of Surfing is that of a ‘fun’ game, you’d be surprised to see the number of people who are interested in seeing it as an official Olympics sport. The surfing competitions in the 2021 Summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo and are a prime opportunity for betting enthusiasts to bet against their choice of players. 

The shortboard surfing competitions at this year’s Summer Olympics are going to be rated between one and ten points, and since it is a relatively unknown sport in the lineup of the Olympics, you can expect to have good odds of winning no matter what kinds of bets you place.