Top Three Expenses For Fans Attending 2023 Super Bowl

State Farm Stadium

For those Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, and NFL fans who have a lot of disposable income and want to experience the big game firsthand, here are the top three expenses they can expect to shell out big bucks for during Super Bowl weekend.

3. Hotels

Front Office Sports reported that the Super 8 hotel located 15 minutes from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona was quoting rates of $450 per night.  That is approximately triple the normal price.

Complicating the hotel situation for fans is the fact that the PGA is hosting the WM Phoenix Open on Super Bowl weekend just 20 miles away in Scottsdale.

This means demand exceeds supply for hotel rooms which puts the fans on the losing end of that equation in terms of costs paid.

A two or three-night stay at Super 8 will cost approximately $1,400.

2. Transportation

Even though Philadelphia and Kansas City have major airports, flights to and from the Phoenix area will be pricey.

It will be difficult to find an economical flight especially when airfare hikes average 17% cost increases annually.

The best-case scenario is a $500-$600 fare.

While that covers the airfare, rental cars, Uber, or taxi fares may also be an added expense depending on where fans stay and how they plan to travel back and forth to the stadium.

1. Tickets

Game tickets are averaging $8,700 each.

The bulk of the weekend budget will be spent on seats inside State Farm Stadium.

There appear to be few ways to economize on this expense.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Food and beverages can add up on a celebratory weekend like this.

There could be ways of economizing (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the ingredients bought from a local grocery store), but that seems unlikely.

A conservative estimate is $100 per day for food and drinks though that cost could easily triple in reality.

What Fans Are Doing To Cut Costs?

Fans are going to Arizona to be part of the frenzy but choosing not to buy tickets for the game.

They plan to watch at a local bar or restaurant and save nearly $9,000 in the process.

That means the cost to go to the Super Bowl could average between $ 2,300 and $11,000 per person depending on the trip planned.

Fans are investing in the weekend hoping to gain a lifetime of priceless memories from experiencing the Super Bowl up close so for many, budgets and costs are not significant factors.


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